2023 Selina Colive Pricing

Selina recently announced it’s 2023 Colive Pricing. In addition to the pricing updates, there are four other changes impacting the way Selina Colive residents can budget and plan for the upcoming year.

Some of these changes are so big that we’ll need to walk through some of them just to understand the new pricing structure.

Colive Change 1: New Global Regions

Selina has updated its global regions for 2023! Adding new regions to the list and lowering the pricing tier for another.

Selina Colive and Colive Flex pricing are by global region, so having updated regions can have a big impact on your planning and budgeting in 2023.

Historically, Selina has had three global regions and that remains in 2023, but which areas of the world are in those regions has changed.

2023 Global Regions:

  • Highest Pricing Region: USA + Israel (In 2022 it was only the USA)
  • MidLevel Pricing Region: Europe + Australia (In 2022 is was Europe + Africa)
  • Lowest Pricing Region: LATAM, Asia + Africa (In 2022 it was LATAM only)

These updated regions are great because it now means that Israel and Asia locations have been brought into the Colive pricing! Neither of these was included in Colive in 2022 giving Colive residents more of the world to explore.

We also see that Selina’s new Agafay Africa location has been moved from the MidLevel tier to the lower tier making it more accessible for budget conscious nomads and remote workers.

Colive Change 2: Premium + VIP Location Price Changes

Historically, Selina has had three levels of location: Regular, Premium and VIP. Each level had a different pricing structure in its global region.

The different pricing was a bit difficult to follow because there was an upcharge on top of the Colive rate for each of the premium and VIP locations that was different for each room type and location level.

For 2023, Selina has simplified the variable pricing by making two changes:

First, VIP and Premiums locations have the same rate. Second, to get your rate, your simply level up by a global region.

What does it mean to level up by a global region?

Let’s take a look at the global regions again:

2023 Global Regions:

  • Highest Pricing Region: USA + Israel
  • MidLevel Pricing Region: Europe + Australia
  • Lowest Pricing Region: LATAM, Asia + Africa

If you stay at a premium or VIP location in LATAM, which is the lowest pricing level, to get the rate for your stay you level up one global region.

One level up from the LATAM region is the MidLevel pricing.

So a premium or VIP stay in LATAM will be at the Midlevel price for that room type.

For VIP and premium locations in the Midlevel region of Europe + Australia, the price would be at the Highest pricing region level.

Put another way:

Premium and VIP stays in:

  • Europe + Australia are at the USA and Israel rate
  • LATAM, Asia, + Africa are at the Europe and Australia rate

What are the Premium + VIP locations for 2023?

USA + Israel: None

Europe + Australia: Camden and Brighton, UK locations

LATAM, Asia + Africa: Santa Teresa, South Nosara, Sayulita, Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Puerto Escondido, Palomino, Mancora, Playa Venao, River Venao

Note: Selina may modify or add to this list at any time. Be sure to confirm before booking.

Colive Change 3: High + Low Season

One of the best things about Selina’s Colive packages is that there was flat predictable pricing across a global region.

Other than Premium and VIP locations, Colive residents had one flat rate for the entire year in a specific region of the globe. This made planning and budgeting easy.

That is no longer the case in 2023. So this is a big change!

Selina has announced that every region of the globe will now have a high and a low season Colive rate. That means two pricing levels throughout the year in addition to the VIP + Premium location surcharges.

Or put another way, if you stay at a location during high season, you will have a surcharge on top of your Colive rate.

Surcharges vary based on your room level and global region. And the pricing difference between high and low season is not minor!

Check it out:

When Is High Season?

We reached out to Selina to ask when was high season and how can we know?

The response was that we will know when we book. That we can get the seasonal rates by requesting pricing for dates and locations we want to visit.

Which means High Season is not a particular time of the year, but rather is location based.

We will need to see how this plays out in 2023. We will share more information as we get, it; please share your experiences with the Selina Colive pricing for 2023 in the comments below so we can share that with the rest of our digital nomad family.

Blackout Dates Still Apply

An items Selina did confirm for us is that blackout dates may still apply.

Blackout dates have generally been applied across nearly all the global Colive locations over Christmas and News Years and then for specific locations based on local holidays.

For example, if you wanted to reserve a Colive stay in Rio de Janeiro over Carnival, that stay would have a blackout date surcharge because your stay is over a local holiday that increases demand for that location.

With this clarification that blackout dates may still apply, Selina has confirmed that High Season has not replaced blackout dates in 2023.

If Selina chooses to charge blackout date surcharges on top of high season surcharges, Colive residents will have some steep pricing to work with on 2023.

This has not been confirmed either way. We can only speculate until Selina gives additional clarification.

Colive Alternatives:

With the increased Colive rates, high season surcharges, and possible bkacoutdate fees, Colive residents may start turning to Selina’s competitors, like Outsite, another coliving program with locations across the globe, to better manage costs.

You can learn more about Outsite’s coliving program here.

Colive Change 4: Room Level Updates

Ready for something fun and exciting in the 2023 Colive pricing roll out?

Selina’s 2023 pricing has all room levels, dorm, micro, standard and suites, now available in every global region!

Historically, this was not the case! The USA region did not have suites or micros, and Europe did not have all levels either.

Now all three global regions have all four room levels available!

Of course, individual locations may not offer all four room levels, but it is nice to know that every room level is available across the globe in 2023.

Colive Change 5: New 2023 Pricing!

You ready for the new 2023 Colive Pricing? Here it is!

Selina Colive Pricing 2023:

Colive Flex USA Israel Pricing

Selina Colive Flex Pricing 2023:

Colive Flex USA Israel Pricing
Colive Flex Europe Australia Pricing
Colive Flex Latam Africa Asia Pricing

Learn about Selina’s Colive Program:

Learn about Outsite Coliving:

As always, thank you for sharing in the digital nomad journey with me. I cannot wait to see you out in the world real soon. Take care!

Note: Selina can change their Colive program, locations and pricing at any time. Please confirm before booking.

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