Getting one good vacation in a year is a solid victory for anyone working 40+ hours a week, but is that all the respect our adventure bug deserves? Acacia doesn’t think so! She is determined to live a life of travel while maintaining full-time employment.

Work hard, adventure harder.

What started as a way to share her travel stories with friends and family, Adventure on the Side has become a way for Acacia to share her journeys, lessons, and insights with anyone looking to better balance the hectic world of full-time life with travel.  

We invite you to share in her adventures abroad, camping, and her solo travels.

More about the crazy travelers:


Acacia IcelandAcacia grew up road tripping the country and camping in her home state of Arizona. She has traveled to numerous countries across the globe and a majority of the US states. Her favorite adventures include snorkeling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, soaking up long Mediterranean sunsets, and chasing the northern lights across multiple regions of the world. By day, Acacia works as a corporate attorney helping clients conduct business, reduce risk, and license intellectual property. 


IMG_8245.JPGGambit is a dachshund- beagle rescue whose favorite adventures are car rides to places that smell adventurous. From his first camping trip at 8 weeks old, Gambit has proven himself born to explore. He is fluent in fetch, an avid hiker and a master stick destroyer. In his down time, Gambit can be found playing with squeaky toys or napping under the blankets.