Getting one good vacation in a year is a solid victory for anyone working 40+ hours a week, but is that all the respect our adventure bug deserves? Alan and Acacia don’t think so. They are determined to live a life of travel while maintaining full-time employment. Work hard, adventure harder.

What started as a way to share their travel stories with friends and family, Adventure on the Side has become a way for Alan and Acacia to share their journeys, lessons, and insights with anyone looking to better balance the hectic world of full-time life with travel.  We invite you to share in their adventures abroad, camping, or by enjoying some serious nap time. #alannaps.

Our first camping trip together, Roche-a-Cri State Park, WI

More about these crazy travelers:



Alan hails from the mitten state and, though presently a Chicago expat, remains loyal to all things Michigan. He is an Eagle Scout and grew up camping throughout his home state. His favorite global destination is Paris, though his most memorable international trip was to Kruger National Park in South Africa. When not traveling, Alan enjoys taking in views of Lake Michigan from the Chicago lakeshore.


Acacia IcelandAcacia grew up road tripping the country and camping in her home state of Arizona. She has traveled to numerous countries across three continents and to 27 of the U.S. states. Her adventures have included snorkeling between the N. American and Eurasian tectonic plates, hiking the Santorini volcano, and chasing the northern lights across multiple regions of the world. Acacia’s dream adventure is to kayak along the coast of Antartica.



Gambit is a dachshund- beagle puppy Alan and Acacia rescued in June 2017. From his adoption date, Gambit has proven himself born to explore. He is an avid hiker and enjoys chasing the cat, his tail, and anything that smells adventurous.