The One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Find Inner Peace and Happiness

Ever feel disconnected, generally unsatisfied with your life, or just unhappy and can’t figure out why?

Many of us believe we are in charge of our lives. We think we don’t care what others think about us. We believe that we are not influenced by our family, culture or upbringing once we’ve left the nest. 

But the truth is we all are influenced by these things. It’s human nature and it happens automatically. We don’t control it. 

And this is because it happens on a subconscious level. 

These subconscious influences build up over time and can lead to an unhappy life. We can’t seem to figure out why we’re unhappy or internally dissatisfied with out lives or how to fix it. 

We feel stuck. 

In one simple step, we can bring these subconscious influences to the forefront and stop the unhappiness in its tracks.

What is that one thing?

Whenever you sense an idea or decision arising in your life, change the words ‘supposed to’ or ‘should’ to the word ‘want.’ 

For example, the sentence “I’m 30; I should settle down and look for a spouse.” would be changed to, “I’m 30, I want to settle down and look for a spouse.”

Another example is, “Management is offering me this promotion, I’m supposed to accept it” becomes “Management is offering me this promotion, I want to accept it.”

Then ask yourself, is the new statement true? 

Do you actually want to settle down and find a spouse? Do you truly want this promotion with more responsibility and duties? 

If so, then that is what you should be doing!

If the answer to the new sentence is ‘no’, you don’t want that path in life, then you know doing that thing will lead to unhappiness.  

By using this one trick, you’ve armed yourself with greater insight into who you are and how you can make decisions that lead to higher levels of joy. 

Maybe this idea will be a happy opportunity in your future, but now is not right now. It’s not what you truly want or need.

Inner Peace and Happiness

Knowing what you genuinely want from life is the key to living a happier fulfilling life. 

Just a simple changes to our decision making process can have profound impacts on the quality and joy in our lives, and thankfully, the positive impacts are instant. 

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