What is Selina’s Colive Program?

Selina’s CoLive and Colive Flex programs. What are they? What is included and is it right for you?

Hi Travelers, Acacia for adventure on the side. If you’re wondering what the Selina Colive and Colive flex packages are, you’ve come to the right place!

I use the Selina CoLive and Colive flex offerings as my primary digital nomad lifestyle choice and have visited countless locations using both the Colive and Colive Flex packages. 

In this article we’ll explore the main things to know about the Selina Colive program so you can know what it is and if it’s the right program for you. 

Note: We keep it real- No staged pics or stock footage here! All pics are from our actual stays at Selinas!

Rooftop of Selina Cartagena, Colombia by Adventure on the side
View of Sunset from Rooftop of Selina Cartagena, Colombia

What is the Selina CoLive program?

First things first- what is Selina’s Colive program? If you go online you may see something like “a month to month coliving program” and be what the heck does that mean?

I think a more accurate way to describe the Colive offering is that Selina’s Colive programs are flat rate packages for digital nomads and remote workers that include all the basic things like room, coworking space, and wellness activities.

With a Colive package, you can visit any Selina location across the world with the confidence you will have a room, the resources you need to successfully work, as well as lifestyle enhancements like wellness and community. 

This creates predictability and reliability so you can focus on living and thriving around the world, instead of researching, budgeting and stressing about the basics no matter where in the world you go. 

You don’t need to read the hotel reviews or contact the Air BnB host to confirm Wifi speeds. Nor will you won’t get hit with surge charges because you happen to visit during a local festival you never heard of. 

With a Colive package, you can trust that you can work from the waters of Cancun, Mexico, the deserts of Morocco or the rainforests of Paraty, Brazil with reliable amenities at preset prices.

Colive packages combine predictability, reliability, and peace of mind for remote workers and digital nomads wanting to explore the world. 

Now that we know what a Colive package is, let’s take a deeper look into what is included with a Colive package. 

DJ Spinning on the Rooftop of Selina Cartagena, Colombia by Adventure on the Side
DJ Spinning on the Rooftop of Selina Cartagena, Colombia

What is Included in a Colive Package?

A Selina Colive package includes both tangible and intangible benefits to support digital nomads and remote workers abroad. We’ll go through the main ones here, so you can know what it is your paying for.

But if you want an in depth look of what is included, check out our page on What is Included in Selina CoLive. We go through benefits like financial freedom and how the program saves you time- two of my favorite benefits that not even Selina mentions on their website.

But back to the basics:

The first main inclusions in every CoLive package is a comfortable room. 

Standard Room at Selina Paraty, Brazil by adventure on the side
Standard Room at Selina Paraty, Brazil

CoLive Room

Each Colive package includes a comfortable room for your stay. 

Colive residents can choose from 4 room types when they book. The Colive room levels are Dorm Rooms, Micro Rooms, Standard Rooms and Suites.

Dorm rooms, also called community rooms, include a bunkbed or twin bed in a shared room with a shared bathroom. 

Dorm rooms are the lowest in cost because you share both your room and your bathroom. 

The next room level are Micros. 

Micro rooms, also called semi-private rooms, are a private room with a full sized bed, but share their bathroom with other rooms. 

The other two Colive room levels are standards and suites. 

Standard rooms and suites both have a private room with a private bathroom. 

The difference is that suites are larger than standard rooms, have a desk, and offer additional comforts like a couch, seating or balcony. Suites are similar to the comforts of a small studio apartment without a kitchenette. 

When you reserve a Colive package, you’ll select the room level you want to reserve and you’ll have that room level at any Selina location you go to during your reservation.

In addition to your room, the second items Colive packages include is coworking resources. 

Main Coworking Space Selina Chicago by adventure on the side
Coworking Selina Chicago

Coworking Amenities

Each Selina location has a designated coworking space onsite with hot desks, coffee, water and often phone booths and meeting rooms. 

The coworking space also has designated wifi signal at higher speeds than the Selina guests wifi. Each coworking space will have everything you need to successful ‘get shit done’, as Selina likes to say. 

Access to the coworking space is not included for other Selina guests so this is a perk only for Colive residents. Non-Colive guests need to buy a day pass to access the coworking space and that can cost $5-12 USD a day.  

Colive residents have unlimited Cowork use included.

Guests with a Colive package can confidently travel the globe knowing there is both a place for them to work and that they will have reliable wifi when they arrive. 

Having reliable coworking amenities included in your stay removes the guessing about whether you can work from a particular location. Colive residents know they have the resources for success included. 

A Colive package may also save you money from buying coworking passes, or last minute travel changes because you found out too late you cannot successful work form a location. 

Wellness Space at Selina Medellin, Colombia by adventure on the side.
Wellness Space at Selina Medellin, Colombia

Daily Wellness 

The third main benefit of the Colive package is that it includes a daily wellness session. Most Selina locations offer wellness sessions in the form of yoga or meditation or other similar offering onsite. Some have Thai chi or an onsite gym.

Colive residents get a free wellness session each day. No worrying about finding a workout space, or local yoga class and whether a monthly pass will fit into your budget.

While some sessions are free of charge for all Selina guests, some guests not staying on a CoLive pass may have to pay $3-15 to join a session at the Selina. Selina CoLive residents know they have at least one wellness offering included every day of their stay no matter where in the world they are. 

Amenities Sign at Selina Playa del Carmen by adventure on the side
Amenities Sign at Selina Playa del Carmen

Selina Discounts

In addition to a comfortable room, reliable coworking amenities, and a daily wellness session, Colive residents get a 10% discount on nearly anything else they purchase at their Selina location.

This 10% discount can be used on food, non-alcoholic beverages, tours, Grab and Go items, and retail items during your stay. 

It a nice add on to help your Selina of choice have more comforts like home. It may not seem like much, but 10% savings over a few months can really add up- especially if you have a busy work week and can’t get to the grocery store or make your own meals.

Reception of Selina Cartagena by adventure on the side
Reception of Selina Cartagena

Flexibility & Choice

With so many Selina locations across the globe, Colive residents are free to explore other locations during their package dates. 

Those with a Colive package can stay at up to three Selina locations during their term and those with a Colive Flex package can stay at up to ten Selina locations. 

Both packages have the ability to make changes with 72 hour notice so if you decide you love a place and want to stay longer, you can. Feel you’ve seen everything and want to move on before your original reservation is up, you can do that too at no charge with a Colive package. 

Sign of the Selina Paraty, Brazil by adventure on the side
Entrance to Selina Paraty, Brazil

Predictable Travel Budgeting

How much more should you budget to stay in Rio de Janeiro after you visit Medellin, Colombia? Or which location is cheaper Mexico City or Cancun? 

With a Colive package, you don’t ever have to ask this question. 

Another benefit of the Colive packages is that they have predictable prices by each global region. 

All Colive locations in the USA are the same price, a majority of Selina’s Latin America locations are the same price no matter where you travel to, and same with Europe. 

If you have a Selina CoLive package, you will never have to plan, research or budget for your room, working resources, or wellness. Colive residents have preset predictable pricing no matter their location.

For the few Selina locations that have a different pricing tier, prices are still predictable and easy to budget when booking with a Colive package. No surprises- even on last minute bookings.

You can learn about ongoing Colive sales and discount codes from our latest digital nomad news segment on our channel.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to get all the latest videos. 

So what’s included in a Selina Colive package? 

Selina Colive residents get a comfortable room, reliable coworking amenities, a daily wellness session, discounts onsite, with location flexibility and predicable prices to make remote working and digital about the adventure instead of the planning or stress. 

Rooftop Pool of Selina Cartagena, Colombia by adventure on the side
Rooftop Pool of Selina Cartagena, Colombia

Is Colive a subscription? What does ‘month by month mean’?

The third you’ll want to understand about Selina’s Colive package is how it functions and the commitment you’ll be making. 

The Colive packages are wonderful, but they do come with a balance of interest for Selina hotels. The primary benefit to Selina is the commitment Colive residents make when they reserve a package. 

Colive residents book a minimum 30 day timeframe at a time. Put another way, Colive residents are committing and prepaying Selina hotels for a minimum 30 days each time they book.

In exchange for the amazing benefits of a Colive package, you are giving Selina at least 30 day’s of revenue. 

On the Selina website, you may see the phrase ‘month by month’ or ‘subscription’ and that can be a bit confusing for those exploring the Colive package for the first time. 

To Selina 30 days = 1 month. So when you see the phrase ‘month by month’ means is that to receive the benefits of the Colive package there is a minimum 30 day commitment each time. 

Thirty days in the minimum, so you can book a package with more days. I’ve booked packages with 45 days!

Your 30 days can start at any time. It is not aligned to a calendar month or have to start on a certain date either. You can start it on whatever date is convenient for you. 

If you get a Colive Flex package, your 30 days do not need to be consecutive. Its one of the flex features of the Colive Flex Package is the ability to start and stop your 30 days. 

If you reserve a standards CoLive package, your 30 day commitment must be consecutive.

But thirty days is the minimum commitment to qualify for the Colive package benefits. For reservations less than 30 days, you will want to check booking.com for the best rates. 

Rooftop of Selina Oaxaca, Mexico by adventure on the side
Rooftop of Selina Oaxaca, Mexico

So What Happens After the 30 Day Minimum is Over?

You’ve completed your 30 day reservation, now what? Does it auto renew or what other commitments are there?

There is no other commitment to Selina other than the 30 days. There is no subscription. No autorenewal. No contract. Nothing else happens. 

Like any hotel reservation, once you use the days in your Colive reservation, there is nothing else to be concerned with.

After your Colive package has been used, or even before it ends if you want, you can choose to book another Colive package, change from one Colive package to the other, or take a break from staying at Selinas all together. 

There is no further commitment after the minimum 30 days!

Selina Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Selina Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Summary of What is Selina CoLive? 

The Selina CoLive package is a flat rate package that includes all the main items digital nomads need to be successful at a predictable price in exchange for a minimum 30 day commitment.  

Colive residents can explore the world with the confidence they will have a comfortable room, the work resources needed to succeed, and a lifestyle of wellness, community, at any Selina around the world. 

What are your thoughts on the Selina Colive package? Like it? Love it? Not your thing? Always happy to answer your questions and hear from you in the comment below. 

We’ve also listed some additional resources like a detailed look at the CoLive room levels, Colive Pricing, and the difference between Colive and Colive Flex packages below. 

Don’t forget, Selina can change their Colive program at any time. So be sure to confirm before booking just in case.

As always it’s such a pleasure connecting with you. Thank you for your time. This has been Acacia for Adventure on the side. I look forward to seeing you out in the world soon. Have a wonderful day!

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