What’s Included in Selina’s Colive Package

Selina’s Colive program is designed for remote workers and digital nomads to have fun and success while traveling the world.

Let’s explore this wondrous program for digital nomads around the world and breakdown what is, and is not, included in these preset packages.

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Selina Cartagena Colombia by Adventure on the side
Selina Cartagena, Colombia

1. Room

Every Selina Colive package includes a room for the duration of your package. There are four room levels to choose from:

  • Dorm Room/ Community Room: Bunk bed in a shared room with shared restroom
  • Micro Room/ Semi Private: A private room with a full sized bed and a shared bathroom.
  • Standard Room/ Private: A private room with a private bathroom.
  • Suite/ Private Plus/ Deluxe: A private room, private bathroom, desk and often additional seating. Sometimes a large balcony where available.

When you reserve a Colive package, you wills select which room level you want and that is the room type you will have during that Colive package duration. Each room level has its own price point offering predicable comfort at a flat rate.

Cowork Space Selina Playa del Carmen by adventure on the side
Cowork Space Selina Playa del Carmen

2. Coworking Space

To successfully work on the road, travelers need a place to work from and reliable wifi. Every Selina location has a designated coworking space of hot desks, meeting rooms, and phone booths where you can get that work done at.

Cowork access also includes designated cowork wifi at speeds that can handle a video call.

Colive residents have unlimited 24/7 access to the coworking space included and all the coworking amenities like free coffee, water, and printer use.

Other Selina guests do not get access to the coworking space or any of the cowork resources, including the designated strong wifi, without purchasing a day pass for $8-15/ day (varies by location).

A 5-day work week will cost around $40-$50 for cowork access if it were not included in your Colive package.

Digital nomads without Colive will need to research coworking locations or wifi speeds before they can travel to a destination, and may have to budget hundreds a month for cafes, hotels, or other coworking spaces if they are not staying at a Selina.

Having the confidence you will have the resources you need to successful work on the road, without having to stress about wifi reliability, is one of the best benefits of Selina’s Colive package. Knowing you have free bottled drinking water is also a budget and time saver when traveling to certain areas.

Colive resident practices Yoga on rooftop at Selina Oaxaca by Adventure on the side
Yoga on Rooftop of Selina Oaxaca

3. Wellness

Whether you’re in a workout routine, looking to start one out on the road, or just enjoy daily meditation, you are going to love the wellness sessions at Selina properties.

Each property is a bit different in the wellness sessions offered, for example Paraty, Brazil location focuses on Thai chi and kung foo, the Cancun Laguna has yoga and cross training sessions, and the Chicago location has an onsite gym, but one thing Colive residents can rely on is that they won’t have to dish out additional cash to participate.

A daily wellness session is included for all Colive residents in their package. Other Selina guests will either have to pay an addition $3-$15 to join a daily session, or attend only the occasional free session.

Nomads not staying at a Selina property will need to do additional research and budgeting to find a gym or work out opportunity near them. Having wellness included takes the added work, budgeting and guessing out of physical well being on the road.

Resident Bracelet at Selina Vila Madalena
Colive Resident Bracelet at Selina Vila Madalena

4. Discount

Each Colive resident will get 10% off onsite purchases during their stay. Selina locations have onsite bars and restaurant, retail, and grab and go items. Some have additional cafes, and tour desks that also honor the discount.

Selina colive residents get 10% off any of their onsite purchases (minus alcohol) during their stay, including fun and amazing tours and excursions!

10% may not sound like much, but it can really add up over your stay. Let’s say you have a busy work week and are looking for the added convenience of a good quick lunch for a few days. You can order your meal at the onsite restaurant, get 10% off and have it delivered to the cowork space or your room free of charge.

Then over the weekend, you join the catamaran snorkeling tour, you’ll get 10% off that too.

Same with a midnight snack, and you don’t have your late night groceries on hand, or are craving soda instead of the water in cowork. You can get that at the grab and go section at reception at 10% off.

Over the course of your 30 days, that 10% discount can really add up, and you’ll save more if you do multiple Colive stays.

Guests Relax on Rooftop A of Selina Cartagena, Colombia by Adventure on the Side
Guests Relax on Rooftop A of Selina Cartagena, Colombia

5. Financial Freedom

How much should you budget for 2 weeks in Rio de Janeiro, and 2 weeks in Sao Paulo? Or which location is cheaper, Oaxaca, Mexico or Cancun, Mexico?

Colive residents never have to ask these questions.

Colive packages are at flat predictable prices for each region of globe, so no matter where you want to travel and explore, you don’t have to save up or wonder if it fits in your budget. You know you can go.

Selina does have a few blackout dates that get a surcharge and a few Premium and VIP locations, but for Colive residents, these prices are still flat rate and predictable.

Colive prices don’t change whether you book 6 months in advance or 6 days in advance either. You do not have to worry about surge charges.

Colive residents have the financial freedom and confidence to explore the world at their own pace and sense of wonder due to the fact predicable rates.

Mural at Selina Cartagena, Colombia by adventure on the side
Mural at Selina Cartagena, Colombia

6. Ability to Change Your Mind

There are so many reasons to change your mind, your plans and your destination when working remotely. From ‘I feel like being beachside right now’ to ‘I met great people who are headed to Rio for Carnivale’ the reasons for last minute changes are countless!

No matter what inspires you to change your location or plans, Colive residents know they can do so at no charge. Colive residents are not charged change fees, or last minute cancellations when they give 72 hours notice.

Selina permits each Colive residents to make up to three changes to an existing 30 days package at no charge so long as 72 hours notice is given. Sometimes, exceptions are made for less notice if you walk to the front desk, but 72 hours is quite last minute!

I was exploring a part of Colombia I just wasn’t that into, so I emailed the Selina Nomads inbox asking if they could confirm an arrival 3 days early to my next location. They responded that there was no problem and I arrived, and loved, Cartagena, Colombia three days sooner.

Without Colive, I’d have had to research a new location, check out last minute pricing, try to cancel my current reservation early and pray I’d get some sort of refund, and never mind my work resources, etc.

Colive offers great flexibility no matter your motivation, inspiration, or timeline and allows you to change your mind as often as you need to follow your sense of wonder.

Pool at Selina Playa del Carmen by Adventure on the side
Pool at Selina Playa del Carmen

7. Location is Everything

One thing Selina hotels has over any other digital nomad, cowork, or remote working program is the number of locations.

When you choose a chain to travel with, it can start to feel like home. Anytime you stay outside that hotel group, you need to redo the research, get familiar and overcome uncertainty.

Colive residents can visit nearly 100 global destinations with confidence of what to expect and what is included in their lifestyle. They know they will have a room, cowork, and wellness on site.

With so many Selina Colive locations around the world- USA, LATAM, Europe, Asia, and Africa, Colive residents can bounce around the world having fun instead of adjusting, researching and wondering what to expect.

You don’t have to stall your sense of wonder why you research; just email and go!

Digital Nomads Gather for Happy Hour at Selina Playa del Carmen by adventure on the side
Digital Nomads Gather for Happy Hour at Selina Playa del Carmen

8. Community

Selina’s Colive website page boasts an online community, but that’s not where the real community is. The real Selina Colive community are the nomads and remote workers you find yourself sharing you cowork space with, the kitchen with and your lifestyle with.

You’ll automatically have reasons to connect, and everyone will be eager to not feel alone- so no one is alone.

You may bump into people you met two locations ago, or find out the people you see in cowork all signed up for the same excursion, or connect in the WhatsApp chat about finding a good pizza spot. You will naturally find your tribe by living your life in the Selina Colive lifestyle.

Some Selinas, like the Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Medellin, Colombia locations, are phenomenal about social activities and building community. They have a daily activity to get guests meeting and enjoying each other’s company.

If you stay at a location with a great social calendar, you will undoubtedly make new friends and begin making your travel tribe quickly.

Meditation Room at Selina Medellin, Colombia by adventure on the side
Meditation Room at Selina Medellin, Colombia

9. Freedom

Colive residents have the best of both worlds. The have a job and the freedom to explore, change their minds, wander and meet amazing people from anywhere in the world.

With a Colive package, the main things not included are your airfare, food, and clothing. Colive residents are free from stress about travel costs, free from wondering where they can visit next, and free from researching whether the wifi is good enough before they go.

Colive residents are also free to change their minds on where and how long they stay anywhere. All a colive resident needs to do is book, pack, and arrive.

With a Colive Flex package, you can also start and stop your Selina stays after 3 nights. So if you want to truly go off the grid for the weekend or go camping, you can pause your stay and restart it when its convenient for you at no charge.

The Selina Colive program offers the best balance of work and lifestyle resources, with freedom and flexibility better than any other program out there.

Cowork space at Selina Oaxaca, Mexico by adventure on the side
Cowork space at Selina Oaxaca, Mexico


With so much included in a Selina Colive package, it’s no wonder they are growing in popularity. Colive residents can really on a comfortable room for sleeping and a cowork space to work in.

For wellness and lifestyle, they can rely on a daily wellness session, 10% discount on food, purchases, and tours, and a community of other remote workers and nomads.*

To help them enjoy life and play around the world, the Selina Colive packages remove the stress of researching, budgeting, and uncertainty.

Colive residents travel the world with the confidence they are set up for success and the ability to make their journey truly theirs with any last minute changes at no charge, locations on almost every content, and predictable pricing.

I enjoy living the Colive lifestyle and cannot wait to meet you out in the world soon. You can reserve your Colive stay here, or explore more resources on my Selina Colive page.

Have a wonderful day!

*Don’t forget, Selina can change their Colive program offerings at any time. Always confirm before booking.

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