What is Outsite Coliving?

Wondering what Outsite is, how it differs from other coliving programs, and if it’s worth it?

We’ll go through all you need to know to decide if it’s the right coliving program for you. 

Myself and members of my digital nomad family have stayed at various Outsite locations and we can say Outsite is a trustworthy coliving program that has its own personality.

I’ll break down that personality throughout the various sections to give you an insider look to see if Outsite is the perfect coliving program for you.

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Outsite Portugal
Outsite Portugal

What is Outsite Coliving?

Since 2015, Outsite has been a global leader in coliving spaces that focus on bringing the feeling of home to your remote working experience. 

Outsite has been featured by Forbes Magazine, Reuters, Bloomberg and more!

Outsite owns many of their locations and each site has an onsite Community Manager so they handle all the fuss of having a great place to live and work from while you enjoy your remote working success. 

Each Outsite location is both your home and work location, offering all your work-friendly resources like powerful wifi, quiet spaces and tables, as well as printers.

For a feeling of home, you’ll have a private room, onsite laundry, and spacious kitchen to cook in. 

In addition to having all your room and work needs set, each Outsite location is great opportunity to connect with other remote workers as you’ll always have other guests staying at the location with you.

Many locations also have an onsite cafe to feed your caffeine kick.

Outsite Swiss Alps
Outsite Swiss Alps

Who Stays At Outsite Locations? 

Outsite attracts young professionals who want the feeling and comforts of home on the road, as opposed to a hotel, but want to avoid the isolation that comes with an Air BnB.

Most Outsite guests are “location flexible” in that they can be part of the digital nomad lifestyle, or are a business traveler, flexible traveler or even a workationer! 

One thing all Outsite members have in common is the desire to work and have home on the road.

Outsite guests are often, though not always, educated working professionals in their mid to upper 30s or early 40s. The average age of an Outsite member is 36.

Outsite Venice Beach
Outsite Venice Beach

Where are Outsite Locations Based?

Outsite has locations across the globe include urban areas, beach locations and alpine regions (Lake Tahoe anyone!)

As an Outsite member you can explore up and down the coast of California, bask in the beauty of Bali, or watch the sunset from the beaches of France. And more locations are opening almost monthly! 

Outsites are currently in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Some of the newest locations include a second location in Mexico City and one in Lake Tahoe.

Check out all the Outsite locations here

Outsite San Francisco
Outsite San Francisco

What is Included in an Outsite Stay?

Each Outsite stay will include your private room including towels, sheets, and toiletries. Some locations have private apartments or suites to choose from if you want more space and amenities. 

The shared areas will have a fully functioning kitchen, on-site laundry, and shared living spaces like a living room or dining room. Often there is outside space like a yard, pool or rooftop!

Much like a home away from home! 

For your work resources, there is often a shared common area of tables and seating of hot desking, and then a room or booth area for taking calls in. Locations may have a printer, and meeting amenities like TV and conference hook ups.

Outsite Swiss Alps
Outsite Swiss Alps

How Much Does Outsite Cost?

Outsite has locations across the globe and each location varies in price based on seasonality and popularity. No one wants to pay USA prices in Asia, or European prices in Mexico. 

The monthly rate can range from around $800 to over $3,000 depending on the location. 

Outsite does offer discounts though! One way to get a discount is to extend your stay. Outsite offers a discount bump at certain milestones in number of nights booked. 

The milestones are 15% off a week or more, 30% off a stay of 30 days or more, and 35% off a stay of 60+ days. 

Another great discount is that select locations- those that are just opening and sometime last minutes discounts- can get up to a week free! 

Seasonal discounts. Keep an eye on your membership emails as Outsite can surprise you with last minute deals. Like right now I just got a notice that all Mexico locations are 60% off!

These discounts are limited to members only. Just one of a number great perks for being an Outsite member!

Outsite San Francisco
Outsite San Francisco

How Social Are Outsites? 

Outsite gives guests the opportunity connect in person and via the membership community. Onsite activity schedules very location to location, and are often geared towards those working professionals who want the chance to meet and connect without a party, or prepayment of activities. 

It is not uncommon to see coffee chats, or a group dinner scheduled when you stay at an Outsite location. 

What you won’t see are tours, excursions, or bar crawls. Activities are geared towards working professionals with a schedule to maintain who can manage their social calendars and level of adventure themselves. 

Outsite has plenty over 2,500 members, so you are definitely not alone. How much or how little you engage is up to you, your coliving roomies, and your sense of adventure! 

Outsite Ericeira
Outsite Ericeira

Do I need an Outsite Membership? 

For a majority of Outsite stays, yes, a membership is required. This not only ensures other similarity minded guests, it gives you more confidence in the quality of the other guests in the space. 

The membership come with the community, additional opportunities and retreats, as well as those added discounts like a free week at select locations.

You’ll also earn rewards you can redeem for additional free nights!

You can learn more about Outsite’s membership here.

There is one work around, and that is that select Outsite locations can be booked via Booking.com

Both the Biarritz, France and the Lisbon- Cais do Sodre locations can be reserved on booking.com. 

But to get any of the other locations, the discounts, and the community (as well as the travel planner), you’ll want to sign up for your membership here

Outsite Venice
Outsite Venice

Is there a Minimum or Maximum Stay?

Outsite is great about setting your own schedule. There is a minimum of two night’s stay for any given location, but no maximum! 

If you’re loving a space, extend! If you’re ready for a new adventure, no worries!

The average stay is around 2 weeks at a location, but you can make each stay your own. 

Room at Outsite Ericeira
Room at Outsite Ericeira

Is Outsite Worth It?

The  value for Outsite comes in both the variety and quality of the destinations, as well as the higher end decor and comforts at each location. 

You’re not getting a beat up hotel room, or a room someone partied too hard in. Outsite locations offer higher standards in terms of cleanliness and comfort. 

You’re also not paying for things you don’t need like wellness sessions or social excursions. You can set your own calendar and budget based on your personal goals. 

Outsite is on the mid to high end of pricing for coliving locations and many of the locations offer comforts at a level better than you’d have back at home.

They also offer a more professionally focused crowd, as opposed to cost conscious youths. 

If that is what you are looking for in a coliving space, you will definitely feel the value of staying with Outsite. 

Check out our article on the pros and cons of Outsite for more comparisons.

Outsite Biarritz
Outsite Biarritz

How Does Outsite Compare to Other Coliving Programs?

There are many coliving programs out there, but Outsite’s sweet spot is: Home without the hassle, community without the party, onsite coworking space, and global destinations without the minimum or long term stay. 

Outsite offers a true feeling of home with living areas, kitchen, comfy bedrooms and outdoor space unlike a hotel, but less of a social schedule than experience and community focused Coliving programs. 

 Outsite has full time locations across the globe so you can visit any destination at any time with no real short or long term commitments- a set of benefits many coliving programs lack. 

If that sounds like the coliving experience you’re looking for, you are going to love Outsite! 

Learn more about Outsite here.