Outsite Membership: What’s Included?

Outsite is a leading coliving program offering members full time coliving locations around the world, high end coliving retreats, and private cafes to work from.

Only Outsite members can access all the amazing locations and resources Outsite has to offer. But before you dish out $150 for membership, you’ll want to explore all the benefits you’ll be getting.

In this article, we’ll break down the list of member only benefits so you can know what to expect.

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Outsite San Francisco Community
Outsite San Francisco

Reserve an Outsite Stay

If you’re looking to reserve a stay at an Outsite coliving location across the globe, you’ll need a membership to complete your reservation.

Only Outsite members can stay at the numerous full time locations in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Including their new locations in Bali and Lake Tahoe.

Doesn’t matter if your stay is 2 nights or 2 years, Outsite reservations are limited to members only.

Check out all Outsite locations here.

Outsite Bali
Outsite Bali

Outsite Retreats

Outsite offers excellent high end retreats that immerse guests in a cultural experience beyond the coliivn home. From cooking with a French chef, to exploring Michelin star restaurants, and Aztec steam bathing, Outsite Retreats are a great way to take your workcation up a notch.

Retreats also include benefits like wellness, and airport transportation making them a nearly all inclusive remote working experience.

You can explore upcoming Outsite retreats here.

Outsite San Fran Exterior
Outsite San Francisco

Outsite Discounts

Outsite members get access to a number of great discounts. It won’t take long to earn that membership fee back when you get a free week in Bali!

Outsite member discounts includes discounts on Outsite stays, like a free week for visiting a new opening, to 60% off on last minute deals.

You’ll also get discounts to great programs to help maximize your remote work lifestyle like discounts on Class Pass, Postmates, Spot Hero and cheap flight programs.

Discounts can change, so be sure to check before booking, but you can be certain that with a an Outsite membership, you’ll be saving money as you explore the world.

Outsite Biarritz Portugal
Outsite Biarritz

Outsite Members Only Hub

Want to chat with Outsite members coliving in Austin, TX or get a sense for what it’s like at the new Bali location? You can in the Outsite members hub!

Outsite members have access to a community hub where they can chat and share experiences, reach out to an Outsite location’s current community before they arrive, and discuss the digital nomad and remote working lifestyle with others who live it.

Each Outsite location has its own chat, as well as other community forums by topic are available in the member hub so you can connect with others who share you’re lifestyle.

Outsite Pacific Heights
Outsite Pacific Heights

Job Opportunities

Wouldn’t it be great to know someone was looking for an employee with your skillset and lifestyle?

Well, with the job opportunities board in the Outsite members only hub, you may find the job description that is ideal for you!

Outsite New York City
Outsite NYC

Outsite Rewards

If all the amazing membership benefits are not enough to make you feel special, you can earn even more value with the Outsite rewards program.

For every night you stay at an Outsite location, you’ll earn 1 pt. You can earn bonus points for exploring different cities, too.

There are three rewards levels, Commuter, Traveler, and Nomad. You’ll earn more points faster as you work your way up the various levels. You also get a bonus just for hitting a new level!

Rewards can be used to reserve up to 50% off an Outsite stay or activity.

You can learn more about Outsite’s rewards program here.

Outsite San Francisco Workspace
Outsite San Francisco

$25 Welcome Credit

As a welcome gift, all new Outsite members get a $25 credit to use on their first stay or retreat.

So really, your membership is $25 less than you expect because you get that amount back with your first reservation!

Trip Planner

Last, but not least, is the members only Trip Planner. If you want to plan all your adventures in one spot, you will love Outsite’s trip planner.

Explore excursions, places to eat and more using the members only trip planner feature.

Connect to the trip planner, Outsite locations and the community all in one spot with the Outsite members hub.

Outsite Swiss Alps
Outsite Swiss Alps

Outsite Membership

Outsite membership offers a variety of great benefits to take your remote working and nomading experience up a notch.

From excellent discounts on stays and resources like Class Pass and flights, to exclusive member only retreats and stays, your sure to get your money’s worth.

Only Outsite members can reserve a stay or retreat at Outsite, get access to the members only hub of job opportunities, locations chats, trip planner and more. Outsite members also earn rewards on their stays and locations, and receive a $25 welcome credit to use on their first stay.

Ready to sign up for your membership, you can do so here.

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