Holiday Gift Cards for Digital Nomads- With Links! (2022)

In need of gift card ideas for the digital nomad in your life this holiday season?

Gift cards not only support your digital nomad’s priorities of adventure and travel, but gift cards avoid adding bulk or weight to their minimalist lifestyle. They also save you from mailing gifts internationally- which can be risky even with major providers like UPS and FedEx. 

Gift cards are a great way to ensure your gift is delivered to the digital nomad in your life on the date and holiday you want while supporting their unique lifestyle. 

Here are the best gift cards for digital nomads this holiday season: 

*We partner with brands we trust and travel with. We may earn a commission at no charge to you if you use them too using the links in this article. Thank you for your support and happy holidays!

Coliving Gift Cards

Coiving is the digital nomad resource that combines home, work resources and the flexibility needed to explore the world in one simple package. 

Outsite Coliving, a global leader in coliving programs, just released gift cards for the 2022 holiday season! 

Which means a coliving gift card is the perfect way to show your digital nomad you want them to stay somewhere safe, comfortable and yet adventurous this upcoming year. 

I personally love Outsite because they are one of the few coliving programs with full time locations across the globe giving digital nomads more flexibility and quality across the globe. 

They also have some of the nicer homes than other global coliving programs. 

Outsite gift cards are available in denominations from $50 to $500 making them easy to fit into any holiday budget.


Digital nomads spend hours on flights and long bus rides every month. Audible subscriptions are one of the ways digital nomads maximize those hours in transit and drown out other noisy travelers.

Which makes audible the perfect gift for digital nomads! 

From free audio books, podcasts, and monthly credit for top books, an Audible subscription will be maximized by every digital nomad or business traveler from day 1!

Audible membership comes in 1, 3, 6, and 12 month membership options.

Delta Airlines

Delta is not only a global airline, travelers can earn lifetime miles and travel with other airlines! 

Delta is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance which is a robust global airline network, so your traveler doesn’t have to fly only with Delta to earn status and points. In 2022, I hit all the Delta point levels required to have priority status for the year with Delta by flying mostly partner airlines!

Also, airline miles earned on Delta don’t expire; your frequent flyer can save them uo over their lifetime and use them when they are ready. 

Other airlines frequent flyer miles expire every year in a use it or lose it approach. Which makes Delta a great digital nomad airline. 

Kindle Unlimited

Finding books in your native language is difficult on the road and digital nomads don’t have the space or weight limits to carry physical books with them as they travel.

The solution is Kindle Unlimited!

You don’t need to worry if your travelers has a Kindle device; Kindle has apps for cell phones and tablets. Your digital nomad can use the personal device they already have with them to enjoy your Kindle Unlimited gift. 

Reading is the other way digital nomads pass the time on long flights and bus rides, making Kindle Unlimited a valuable gift for every digital nomad.

Amazon Prime

Unlimited music, movies and TV shows make Amazon Prime a must-have for digital nomads. Traveling abroad means TV shows and in other languages and difficulty finding popular movies form back home.

With Amazon Prime, digital nomads can keep in touch with their favorite shows from home without missing a release date. Which also prevents digital nomads from experiencing FOMO when our friends and family post spoilers on social media that we haven’t watched yet. 

There you have it! Five amazing gift card ideas to support your digital nomad’s lifestyle while making you the best gift giver this holiday season.

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