Best Portable Laptop Stands for Digital Nomads

As remote working and the digital nomad lifestyles become the new norm, fine-tuning the setup is more important than ever! 

Back and shoulders aside, we all know typing on a laptop daily can be a real pain in the neck. No need to add to that to you luggage weight or struggling to repeat your laptop set up every day. 

There are portable laptop stand options for every budget and every work style. Specific styles and designs offer mounts as unique as your needs. 

From seated to standing, stationary to portable, sleek to sturdy, find the perfect choice to make you as comfortable as possible for the ultimate workflow upgrade.

Read more to find out the Best Portable Laptop Stands for Digital Nomads and where you can get it.

A Quick Glance At Our Top 10 Portable Laptop Stands

When choosing a portable laptop stand, consider its size, angle, weight, and materials. 

For example, if you choose poor-quality material, your laptop stand may need to be more durable when you set up and take down regularly. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something light and easy to transport, you can bet on a light and easily foldable material. 

Each of the laptops stands listed below has a unique description and feature to help you pick the best portable laptop stand for your digital nomad adventure. 

  1. iVoler Laptop Tablet Stand– Best for Typists and Writers
  2. Executive Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand– Best for Versatile Function
  3. Besign LS10 Aluminum Laptop Stand– Best for Good Ventilation
  4. MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand– Best for Frequent Travelers
  5. Nexstand Laptop Stand– Best for Good Versatility
  6. Amazon Basics Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand– Best Low Cost Option
  7. Nulaxy Laptop Stand– Best for regular Set Up and Take Down
  8. Neetto Height Portable Laptop Bed Table – Best for Use in Bed
  9. UGREEN Laptop Stand– Best for Adjustable Angles
  10. OMOTON Detachable Laptop Stand– Best for MacBook users

1- iVoler Laptop Tablet Stand

If you’re looking for something less irritating and lighter, the iVoler supports devices from 10 to 15.6 inches and lets you choose from 6-speed adjustable height and angle to suit your needs.

 The best thing about this laptop stand for digital nomads is that it is portable and foldable: it can be folded up to 9.4 x 1.75 inches and comes with a bag to make it easy to carry. This is one of the best laptops for freelancers and digital nomads working while traveling.

Reason to Buy:

  • With a Non-slip silicone mat
  • Adjust to a comfortable operating angle.
  • Great quality item for a great price.
  • It is best when used with a separate keyboard and mouse.
  • It is compact when it is folded up.

Take A Note:

The stand is lopsided. The materials are good for the stand but are very easily moved or dislocated from the position.

2- Executive Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand

Let’s face it, a significant amount of remote work is done in the comfort of our beds. This is where the Executive Office Solutions Laptop Stand comes in.

The aluminum stand is portable and adjustable, providing comfort while standing or relaxing in bed. The light and adjustable table can be used as a food tray, projector, or desk.

The cooling fan ensures that the laptop does not overheat, and the mouse pad ensures optimum productivity.

It is better than other standing desk converters because it can accommodate some taller users and extend up to 20 inches above the desktop surface.

However, since you can’t attach a monitor stand, its reach is limited to how high it can place the screen, which can hurt your neck after prolonged use. If you don’t use your laptop’s touchpad, having a removable mouse pad is quite nice, but the one that comes with the converter needs to be bigger for comfortable mouse use.

Reason To Buy:

  • Built-in cooling fans keep your laptop from overheating.
  • Highly adjustable for various levels and positions.
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Perfect for working in bed
  • Versatile in function

Take A Note:

  • Plastic legs give it a bit of a wobble.

3- Besign LS10 Aluminum Laptop Stand

This portable Laptop Stand adjusts to various heights so you can find the perfect spot for your needs. Made of aluminum alloy, which helps dissipate heat better and keep your laptop cooler.

This LS10 laptop stand is adjustable in height and angle of your laptop for better ergonomics to minimize neck strain and say goodbye to neck pain.

The open aluminum design provides good ventilation and airflow to prevent your laptop from overheating. The recline angle is adjustable and can relieve your back and neck stiffness, making you more comfortable.

No tools are needed for adjustment, just a push or pull, depending on whether you want it up or down. It also has a removable cable management tray to organize your cables. Now that’s handy!

Reason To Buy:

  • Broad compatibility
  • Ergonomic design
  • Minimizes neck fatigue
  • Stable and protective
  • Good ventilation

Take A Note:

  • Difficult to assemble
  • Always tilted when raised

4- MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

If you usually work in a mobile setup and need a laptop stand but don’t want to carry anything else, the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand is ideal. It’s super thin and light, which makes it mostly invisible when set up, and it won’t interfere with your favorite purses and bags.

Travelers should be wary of this model, as it’s only 1/10 inch thick when folded and comes with a lightweight adhesive that sticks it to the bottom of their laptop and makes it nearly invisible when stored.

Two height adjustments allow the MOFT laptop stand to elevate your laptop and fit most devices up to 15.6 inches. Over a dozen colors make it the ideal companion for digital nomads who prefer a backpacking lifestyle.

Reason To Buy:

  • Inexpensive and convenient
  • Barely noticeable
  • Folds out to two elevations
  • Adhesive is reusable
  • No need for a separate laptop stand

Take A Note:

  • The laptop wobbles a bit when the stand isn’t in use.

5- Nexstand Laptop Stand

The Nexstand K2 laptop stand is a portable, foldable, and easy-to-carry lightweight laptop stand with 8 adjustable height options.

It is very convenient to raise the height of the laptop screen to eye level for maximum comfort and better ergonomics. Wherever your travel lifestyle takes you, you can maintain a healthy posture.

The build quality of the NexStand K2 is top-notch, with industrial-grade reinforced nylon and high-quality metal fittings. This laptop stands for digital nomads is firm, and once your laptop is in place, it is very secure and stable.

The stand easily folds up for storage and travel. When folded, it measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 14 inches (3.81 x 3.81 x 35.6 cm), so it should fit pretty well in your bag. It also comes with a soft and flexible material carrying case.

Its notable advantage is that it elevates your laptop in space, bringing the screen to a decent height. Many laptops may need to take advantage of this advantage.

Working on the go has genuinely changed our lives, and we no longer feel the neck, shoulder, and back strains that often plague us when working away from our comfortable home office.

Overall, the NexStand K2 laptop stand is a great choice for your Digital Nomads on the go. Helps improve the viewing angle with 8 convenient height adjustments.

Reason To Buy:

  • Adjustable laptop stands offer from 5.5 to 12.6 inches of lift.
  • Helps improve posture over long hours of working at your computer.
  • Price—for the money, this is a great laptop stand.
  • The extra height settings offer added versatility and convenience.

Take A Note:

  • The hard-rubber contact points also don’t stick to your laptop.

6- Amazon Basics Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand

Laptop stands don’t get any simpler or cheaper than Amazon’s. Part of the Basics series, this stand is a no-frills stand with a rise of 7.5cm and a tilt angle of 18 degrees. It’s large enough to support a 15-inch laptop and is designed to allow adequate airflow around your device. When not in use, it folds flat for easy storage and transport.

Made of durable, lightweight aluminum with non-slip rubber surface pads to hold the laptop in place. The Amazon Basics Stand is portable and collapsible for convenience when standing up or relaxing in bed. The lightweight, adjustable table can be used as a dining tray, projector, or desk.

It might not be the most eye-catching entry on the list, but if you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to improve your viewing angle while working on your laptop, this is it.

Reason To Buy:

  • Made of durable, lightweight aluminum with a non-slip rubber surface.
  • Helps to improve your posture and prevent neck and back pain.
  • Perfect for working in bed
  • Versatile in function
  • Lightweight and foldable

Take A Note:

  • Unstable with larger, heavier laptops.

7- Nulaxy Laptop Stand

The Nulaxy is a premium cabin that offers many benefits with increased versatility. The biggest sell is the compatibility of the stand, which can hold devices up to 17 inches longer than any other.

The stand’s flexibility and adjustable height mean the stand can be used comfortably while sitting or standing. Pacing the laptop at eye level improves posture, and back pain is relieved.

This foldable laptop for digital nomads is super easy to use; No setup is required, and it saves desk space; plus, it’s super compact when folded and keeps your desk tidy. You can use this foldable laptop stand at home and in the office. It is the perfect complement to enhance the work experience, one of the essentials of the conference.

Not only is the laptop stand adjustable in height, but it can also be tilted at different angles. The durable construction and heat dissipation design are top-notch.

Reason To Buy:

  • It can hold larger laptops up to 17 inches
  • Adjustable in height, and angle
  • Ergonomic potential
  • Heat dissipation design

Take A Note:

  • More expensive than other laptop stands.

If you’re looking for something different to elevate your laptop and create more space on your desk, this laptop is from Avantree and might be something you’ll want to check out. This is a separate laptop stand that looks more like a laptop desk but has all the features of a regular laptop stand.

This desk is ergonomic and eco-friendly, light enough to take with you, yet crafted from 100% high-quality engineered wood, and is solidly constructed and durable. In addition to being light, this laptop stand for digital nomads can be folded easily, making it very practical to take anywhere or store.

It is adjustable and can be placed on your desk, but it can also be used in bed or elsewhere: if you put it on your desk, you should use an external keyboard for maximum comfort. Whether you use it in bed, on the couch, or while traveling, place it near your tights and use the laptop as you wish.

When used in conjunction with a regular desk, it enables you to work while standing, freeing yourself from disorders such as backache and spondylitis caused by long hours sitting in the workplace.

Reason To Buy:

  • Auto-lock button on each side easily enables quick changes in height adjustable.
  • Made from 100% High-quality MDF Wood, which is environmentally friendly, strong, and steady.
  • Large but portable.
  • Multipurpose.

Take A Note:

  • The weight of the laptop pushes the riser down.

9- UGREEN Laptop Stand

The UGREEN portable laptop stand is the most versatile. It is made of aluminum alloy, and the stand is slick and lightweight, with the option to adjust the height and angle.

This laptop stand can be adjusted to 5 height levels from 1.84 to 5.45 inches. It elevates your laptop to an excellent level and minimizes neck and back pain and eye strain. The ergonomic design makes it easy to watch and write videos, suitable for designers, engineers, programmers, and people who work long hours in front of a laptop.

Extra thought has been given to small details, such as the anti-slip rubber pads and the hook that prevents the laptop from slipping. The hollow design means there is room for heat to escape and prevents the laptop from overheating.

Whether working in the office or at home, this laptop stand can help minimize neck fatigue and improve posture.

Reason To Buy:

  • Adjustable angles reduce your neck pain
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to watch videos and type.
  • Cooling and Ventilation Design
  • Portable and Lightweight.

Take A Note:

  • Eco-unfriendly plastic packaging.

10-  OMOTON Detachable Laptop Stand

This aluminum stand is stylish, highly durable, and compatible with many laptops. Soft rubber pads are designed to protect your laptop from scratches or to slip.

This portable laptop stands for digital nomads is compatible with all MacBooks, Chromebooks, and laptops between 10 and 15.6 inches. It features an all-around rubber-filled aluminum alloy construction to protect your machine and desktop from scratches and a design that encourages airflow to the bottom of your device to keep everything cool and helps relieve neck and shoulder pain by elevating your laptop to eye level.

In addition, the frame is stable, which makes it stable and unshakable. The OMOTON Laptop stand also helps cool your laptop as it has a plate-free design, making it ideal for all overworked. Or if you are traveling to hot countries.

Reason to Buy:

  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Sturdy and wobble-free
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works well for many types of laptops

Take A Note:

  • Not height or angle adjustable.

FAQs related to Portable Laptop Stands for Digital Nomads:

Is using a laptop stand better for posture?

Whether working remotely, watching TV shows from the bed, or playing games, it’s always important to maintain a good body position. We all know this, but integrating it into your daily routine can take time and effort. A laptop stand can help you solve this problem; By placing your laptop on a stand and then adjusting it to the correct height and angle, you can quickly eliminate the stress caused by poor computer posture.

Do laptop stands improve laptop performance?

They certainly can. Most laptop stands have ventilation grilles that promote airflow under the laptop. The base tends to be the hottest area of ​​a laptop because that’s where the CPU and GPU reside, and that heat has nowhere to go when it’s laid flat on a desk.

Laptop stands allow your machine to breathe easier, reducing the possibility of thermal throttling. Most stands use conductive materials that make the computer more efficient by diverting heat from the laptop. And if your laptop is still too hot to move, you can opt for an electric laptop stand with built-in cooling fans. If cooling capabilities are high on your priority list, you’ll want to check out our list of the best laptop cooling pads.

How easy is it to carry a portable laptop stand?

It’s easy to zip up a handbag or backpack. Is it easy for you to carry your laptop with you? Carrying a portable laptop stand is just as simple if that’s the case.

What’s the best aspect of a laptop stand?

Wherever you go, you’ll need a place to put your laptop. You may find a flat surface here and there, but bending down to look at the screen can strain your back. Overall, the laptop stand is suitable for your physical health. When a laptop stand is portable, you can take it with you anywhere.

Do laptop stands help with overheating?

If you cannot keep your laptop cool by using a stand, it will cause it to overheat. Overheating can cause permanent damage to laptop hardware and even cause an explosion. Therefore, a laptop stand is necessary because it allows air to enter from the sides and bottom, allowing heat to escape.


A laptop stand can be an excellent investment for digital nomads: the options are endless, and so is the price range. Choosing between a portable (foldable) or stationary laptop stand depends on individual needs. Generally, having both take advantage of their functionality when traveling or not working is a good idea.

Remember to consider your individual needs. If you travel a lot, compatibility will be essential if you’re struggling with your posture; the firmer, the better!

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