Selina Paraty Tour + Review

Want to wake up in a rainforest bungalow to the sounds of exotic birds and adorable monkeys? Well you can have that and more at the Selina Paraty, Brazil!

Walking through the gates of the Selina Paraty, I fell in love. The property is full of rainforest gardens, all the rooms are bungalow style, and the laidback environment is hypnotic. 

So wonderful, that I extended my one week stay into a six week stay. 

Of course, rainforests, monkeys and pool side afternoons aren’t for everyone and this Selina is a bit different than many other Selina locations. Whether those differences are worthwhile will depend on your particular travel style. 

Let’s take a look. . .

Note: We keep it real. No stock or staged images here! All pictures are from my actual stay at Selina, Paraty!

Selina Paraty Property Overview

The moment you walk on the property, you escape the outside world into a rainforest retreat full of open air seating, a stunning pool surrounded by jungle vibes, and cobblestone walkways. 

Every room at the Selina Paraty, from dorm rooms to the villa, has a private outdoor seating area because every room is its own section of a separate bungalow. 

The open layout welcomes guests into nature and rainforest gardens at every corner. 

Scattered throughout the property is a variety of seating from benches, stools, and picnic tables were Selina guests can relax and take in the surroundings. The property has stunning natural landscape home to many exotic birds and hummingbirds.

Highlights of Selina Paraty


  • Beautiful Rainforest Property
  • Great Location
  • Sauna
  • Quiet and Peaceful


  • Social Activities are Limited to Weekends
  • Pricey Wellness Activities
  • Mosquitos in Shared Areas
  • No Midday Food Options

Selina Paraty Location + Access

Party is a wonderful village on the Brazilian coastline almost halfway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The village center has its historical churches, colonial style buildings, and cobblestone walkways, while the village surroundings are rolling hills of the lush Atlantic Rainforest and waterfalls. 

The combination of historical beauty, oceanside views, and lush wilderness is a trifecta every guest should experience. 

The location of the Selina Paraty is perfectly situated amongst these three Paraty wonders. The main gate is along the riverwalk that brings the jungle waters to the shore. Selina guests can walk along the riverwalk and arrive at the beach in about 7-10 minutes. 

Cross the bridge and guests will find great shopping, groceries stores, and fun restaurants.

The heart of Paraty is the historic center with its colonial style and romantic pedestrian roads. Selina guests can access this historical center where the riverwalk and the main tourist shopping road intersect.

Along the riverwalk and the shorelines are the variety of boats to the islands and secluded beaches. Everything is within walking distance of this Selina with the exception of the waterfalls where the tour jeep picks guests up right at the Selina Party entrance. 

Paraty is a walking town, so access to the bridge and riverwalk like this is truly wonderful. Guests at other locations have to walk around, and sometime out of the way, to access the bridges and riverwalk. Not Selina guests!  

Selina Paraty Bar & Restaurant

The Garden restaurant and bar is the social and working hub for a lot of Selina guests in Paraty, and it is appropriately named.  

Garden guests can relax and take in any of the four open air seating areas around the various rainforest gardens or take their cocktails by the pool. 

Offering excellent breakfast every morning for, and local drinks like caipriana and Gabrielas in addition to beers and burgers in the evenings, guests can easily forget about life outside the Selina walls for hours. 

Outside, choose between the patio surrounded by the rainforest garden and watch the exotic birds and humming birds, or swing in a hanging chair or enjoy the community table and couch on the patio. 

Indoors there is a large community table near the bar, or head over to the library area to be surrounded by warming browns as a gentle rainforest rain passes through.

Paraty is full of wonderful live music and that lives at the Selina too. On the weekends, there is often a live band or DJ spinning. Selina guests are always free while locals have a cover. 

The Garden Menu

Breakfast here is not only convenient, it is a great deal and often comes out fast to your table.

The breakfast choices range from a bowl of fruit or eggs and toast for R$11 (around $2-3 USD) to a full combo of eggs, fruit, granola, cake, and toast, with both coffee and juice of the day, for R$25 (around $5-6 USD).

The coffee is great here and can be added to any breakfast, or solo, for R$4 (about $1-2 USD). There is also a new Nespresso machine offering straight espresso to flavored lattes.

They also have a 24/7 self serve Nespresso machine in the reception area!

For guests looking for a traditional Paraty pousada experience (Local bed and breakfast), you can reserve a room that includes breakfast at no charge HERE. The Selina Paraty may have the most relaxing natural environment in all of Paraty’s pousadas.

The dinner menu here has a limited variety of options. Choices are simple a meat or veggie burger for R$38 (Around $8 USD) or with fries for R$45 ($9-10 USD) or pastels for R$12 ($3-4 USD).

Pastels are the best value and there are so many choice to mix and match with. Guests can choose from a selection os 12 flavor combo choices each at the same rate R$12.

During lunch hours, Garden seating remains open with access to alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages, but the kitchen is closed from 11a to 5p each day.

Insider Tip:

If you don’t have time to make or get out for lunch, order breakfast right before the kitchen closes at 11a.

I’d eat a breakfast of a large fruit bowl for R$11 around 8a and then at 10:50a order eggs and toast for the same price. It worked to hold me over till after work and I’d get two meals for about $5-6 USD total!

Selina Paraty Pool

One of the biggest draws of the Selina Paraty is the jungle pool. This pool area is a focal point of the property’s layout and a very popular relaxation spot for guests day and night. 

Relax in a lounger, at a table, or a comfy seat around the water’s edge while watching the colorful birds fly overhead. Paradise!

Off to the side from the pool is a set of two picnic tables. You may be lucky enough to get a visit from the marmosets monkeys that like to stop by for some morning fruit, or see the orange and yellow saffron finches gather around your feet. 

Selina Paraty Activity Center + Wellness Schedule 

The wellness activities at the Selina Paraty are a bit different than wellness offerings at other Selina locations in a few ways. 

First, the wellness offerings here include the occasional yoga session, like other Selinas, but a majority of daily offerings are tai chi, aikido and king fu. All wellness sessions occur in the activity center just behind the Garden bar. 

Wellness activities are included if you are visiting on a Colive package. If not, walk in classes are around R$40-60 ($10-12 USD).

Another difference about wellness classes at this Selina location is that they are hosted by Paraty locals and not Selina residents. Often, Selina locations invite yoga and wellness instructors to stay at the locations and offer their sessions in exchange for free or discounted stays.

At Selina Pararty, wellness classes are by instructors from local studios. These classes are a great way to interact with the Paraty locals and meet Brazilians of all ages. Note: this does mean classes are often in Portuguese, so be prepared to laugh and have fun as you keep up.

Insider Tip:

A third, way wellness is different at the Selina Party, is that there is a hidden sauna on this property.  Located on the backside of the kitchen building, guests can find a wonderful sauna to dry off and detox the day in.

The sauna became part of my daily ritual during my stay and was the perfect wellness routine.  The sauna is available to all Selina guests at no charge.

Wellness Add-on Offerings

If you are into reiki, or just amazing massages, the Selina Paraty reception can help you book a private 60 or 80 minute session in your room. Rates are around $20-40 USD each.  

I had 12 sessions, yes 12, during my stay and can say these are some amongst the best massages I’ve ever had! I you like an energy, and wholistic integration into your massages, have reception connect you with Monia- she has studied all over the world and it shows!

Shared Community Kitchen

Eating out in Paraty is pricier around $7-12 USD for a typical meal. So the shared kitchen at the Selina Paraty gets a lot of action. Thankfully, staff, guests, and residents work to clean it regularly.

The kitchen has an open space concept which is nice for navigating during busy times. There is, however, just one stove and one toaster oven. Sometimes guests would collaborate and cook group meals to take advantage of food prices and the kitchen appliances.

There are two fridges and two sinks, so when it comes to storage and clean up everyone has their opportunity. 

The kitchen space also offers dining tables and a large community table. 

For coffee drinkers there are both pour over funnels and a drop coffee machine. Or you can grab a cup of great coffee at the Garden for about $1 USD from 8a to 11a.  

Coworking at Selina Paraty

Coworking from the rainforest is a dream come true and this Selina location has two coworking areas. The first is off from the shared kitchen and the other is next to the Activity Center. 

Each space has a large hot desk table for 4, and either meeting room and a phone booth or additional comfy seating like rocking chairs and beanbags. 

Both coworking places are an additional charge for guests not staying as colive or colive flex residents. 

If you’d like to learn more about coworking from the Selina Paraty, check out our in depth look at what you can expect working from this location in the link below. 

Selina Paraty Reception

Ready to enter this wilderness wonderland and start you stay? Your check in begins at reception. 

Reception at the Selina Paraty is in its own bungalow next to the front gate and offers a 24/7 grab and go of beverages and snacks, as well as a shop off shirts, backpacks, and personal items. 

The front desk is also guests can reserve your tours, book that massage, or schedule a private transfer to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. If you find a few mosquitos in your room, the front desk offer electric bug rackets you can borrow and bug spray available for purchase.  

Tours + Activities

If you’re looking for things to do in Paraty, check out the front desk of the Selina or go to our website, for great ideas.

The Selina front desk offers reservations for boat tours from the clearest waters and beach, paradise islands tours, Trindade and the waterfall and Cachaca tasting tour. 

Insider Info:

You can also reserve the Historic City tour for $60,00 BR, though I recommend taking the free tour at 5p on weekdays. Just be sure to arrive on the correct day for your language preference. The English language tour is usually on Tuesdays.

In addition to reserving tours, Selina guests can also rent bikes from the front desk for 25BR/ hr or100R for the day.  

Social Activities at Selina Paraty

The Selina Paraty offers itself to a more relaxed environment and integration with nature and locals, as opposed to traditional social activities. 

Guests won’t find karaoke or trivia nights here. Instead, they will have the daily welcome drink at 5p, and live music events on the weekends. 

Live music can range from a live rock or jazz band, to a DJ or traditional Brazilian music with dancing. Guests can check the Selina Paraty What’sApp group for each week’s events. 

For those rainforest rain days, guests can find desks of cards, dominos and UNO in the Garden restaurant. 

Guest Rooms at Selina Paraty:Dorms, Standard, Suites + Deluxe

Room offerings are another way this Selina differentiates itself. This location’s primary room offerings are standard rooms and villas, as opposed to other Selinas that primarily offer micros and suites.

Each individual bungalow holds only two rooms. One on the front side and one on the back. Every room type has its own restroom- including the dorms. There are no shared restrooms at this location. 

All the buildings are separated by open-air cobblestone walkways. The bungalow layout opens up the property to nature and rainforest gardens at every corner.

Each bungle is comprised of an A-frame roof with an entrance, private patio, room and bathroom on each side. 

Dorm Rooms at Selina Paraty

There are dorms rooms at this location. The two dorm rooms each have 3 bunks for a total of 6 guests per room. 

Dorm rooms are rarely full outside of holiday weekends, and dorm guests usually stay 2-3 nights. Those dorm guests that choose to stay longer may find they have the room to themselves, or one other roommate during other times.

Standard Rooms

All other rooms at the Selina Paraty are standards, suites or villas. Micro/ Semi-private rooms are not offered at this location. 

The standard rooms are quite spacious comprising of half of a bungalow building. Each has a private patio with seating. Inside there are lockers as shelves, cafe style seating, and a large closet with shelving and long hanging rod.

Insider Info:

In my humble opinion the standard rooms are the best value at this location. The suite is the same room style and size as the standards, with just an added television with Netflix and a hammock. The television is great for a rainforest rainy afternoon though.


The Suite is very similar to the standard room in terms of space size and room set up. It is essentially a standard room with two added features.

The first difference between the standard and suites is that the suite has a television with Netflix. The other differences is that the suite has a private patio with seating like the standard room, but this patio is equipped with a luxurious hammock enabling suite guests to take their rainforest relaxation up another level.

The suite is also the closest room to the pool and shared areas for simple convenience. 


The villas at the Selina Paraty are a bit different as well in that they not only have larger space, but that added space includes a private kitchenette.

Guests looking to make private meals or want coffee in their rooms without heading to the Garden cafe or shared kitchen will greatly enjoy the quiet secluded space of the villa at this location.

Review of Selina Paraty

I adore the Selina Paraty and cannot wait to return! I’d wake up each morning to the sounds of colorful and vibrant birds in my own spacious bungalow.

Being greeted each morning by the staff here had me feeling I was part of the family- not just a guest. The the ability to work amongst the natural wonder of the rainforest is so relaxing.

I also plan on bringing my dog, Gambit, with me next time I visit the Selina Paraty as this property is very dog friendly due to its large open spaces.

How could I complain!

The Selina Paraty is about a different pace of life and is not meant for those who are worked up and stressed- unless it’s your goal to wash that stress away with great massages, sauna visits, and gentle rainforest rains.

Guests lose track of time and life here, with many Selina guests extending their stays in an effort to delay the inevitable return to daily life.

Insider Info:

The Selina Paraty is not perfect. Mosquitos are common in the rainforest and it can take a day to clear them from your room. Guests can borrow the electric bug rackets from the front desk free of charge if you find any in your room. Each room has an air conditioner unit as well to keep air circulating.

Guests don’t need bug spray in their rooms or for basic use of the property, but if you plan on sitting by the pool or garden areas for an extended about of time, I recommend it. I you don’t have any on you, bug spray is available for purchase at the front desk.

The location is a bit isolated in that there isn’t any quick or low cost food nearby. The Selina Paraty has great location due to the bridge right out front, but the area is mostly other Pousadas (Bed and Breakfasts). Guests will want to walk the three blocks to the tourist shopping area and pay routes prices for a “quick” meal out.

To me, mosquitos and needing to have food on hand in the community kitchen for my midday meals is well worth the amazing benefits of this location. If you’re ready for a change from the higher energy environments of the city or party locations with all the amenities of Selina and Selina Cowork, I highly recommend the Selina Paraty. 

If you are ready to book your stay at this rainforest paradise, you can do so HERE. Don’t forget to check for those paused/ bed and breakfast rates where you’ll free breakfast included in your stay. Breakfast is wonderful here and the perfect way to start any Paraty day.

If you are looking for more information on coworking from this location, check out our article here where we go into an in-depth look at the coworking spaces, seating areas, as well as wifi at this location.