Selina Oaxaca: Tour + Review

Want to know if the Selina Oaxaca really is the best place to explore Oaxaca from? From decor to cleanliness, and the rooftop restaurant to the cafe, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to explore the Oaxacan Historic center from and savor in the flavors and sips of Oaxaca cuisine and mezcal while getting some work done in between- you’re going to love the Selina Oaxaca!

I stayed two weeks at the Selina Oaxaca as a solo female digital nomad and am here to share all the insider information you need to know for your upcoming stay.

Note: I keep it real. No stock or staged images here! All pictures are from my actual stay at Selina Oaxaca!


  • Best Wifi in Town
  • Large Rooftop with 180 degree View
  • Solid Location with Good Walkability
  • Food Available All Day
  • Great Cocktail + Food Menu


  • No Social Activities
  • No Long-Term Guests
  • Weak Wifi on Rooftop
  • No Social Coordinator or Resident
  • Difficult Location for Solo Travelers

Overview of Selina Oaxaca

Don’t be fooled by the two-story look to the building as you pull up to the Selina Oaxaca. This location is a three-story building with a large rooftop terrace overlooking the city.

While smaller than many Selina locations, this space is efficiently designed, and the pops of vibrant colors and patterns make it a fun space to explore. 

Once inside, you can look up over the cactus courtyard into the the open air above and enjoy the vibrant art across each room and hallways. 

About the City of Oaxaca

The city of Oaxaca Mexico is a place for guests to indulge the senses with culture, food, and the freshest mezcal in the world. One of the most culturally diverse areas in Mexico, Oaxaca has an amazing history of conquest, art and mezcal that Selina guests are sure to enjoy.

Nearby are a number of amazing ruins including Mitla and Monte Álban. Or you can take a day tour out to the petrified waterfall Hierve el Agua, a mezcaleria, or venture through the art galleries.

Oaxaca is also known for its mole and unique flavors that could only come with the practice fo time and precision.

Selina Oaxaca Location

The Selina Oaxaca has amazing access to all these top sights and experiences. Located just steps from both the city’s historic center and Zocalo, Selina guests do not have to venture far to experience something amazing. 

Along every route is a variety of mezcalerias and excellent restaurants, like Los Danzantes, and Sabina Sabe. 

Day tours to the ruins often pick up guests right in front of the building, so you really don’t have to travel far. 

Selina Oaxaca Rooftop Bar

Nothing tastes better than fresh smokey flavors of mezcal and you can sip on an amazing mezcal margarita as you take in stunning views of the city and hills from the Selina rooftop bar and terrace. 

In the mornings, you can find yoga classes in the warm sunlight and around 4p house beats and the occasional DJs can be a heard calling guests to the open air venue.

The rooftop space is a large area with a bar seating, table seating and social lounge areas open from 8a to midnight each day. 

In addition to great cocktails, the rooftop doubles as the in-house restaurant after 4p. Menu offerings include traditional bar food like burgers and chicken wings, along with some local Oaxaca bites. 

Insider Info: The full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner is available 8a-11p and can be delivered to you anywhere in the building. So if you want a burger brought to you in cowork at 8:30a, or you are craving avocado toast in your room after a night out- you can have it!

Just be sure to order from the cafe or bar- whichever is open at the time. 

Restaurant + Cafe at Selina Oaxaca

Pops of Mexican colors and culture wave overhead as you enjoy breakfast at this inviting cafe. Located on the first floor, in the corner, the cafe opens its double doors to the fresh air and pedestrians walking by.  

Open from 8a to 3p each day offering a coffee bar and full menu, you can let your eyes awaken as you gaze the story telling murals on the walls.

My absolute favorite place to start each day with the cozy booth seating and vibrant Mexican flair. I found this space the perfect balance of comfy and energetic. 

The full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner is available all day at the cafe from 8a to 3p and the rooftop from 3 to 11p. So if you’re craving breakfast for dinner or a burger for breakfast, there is no judgement here! 

The menu is the same across the entire Selina location so you can enjoy your food at the cafe, rooftop, or cowork. There is no difference in the food offerings.

Shared Community Kitchen

For guests looking to save money on their dining options, there is a shared kitchen at the Selina Oaxaca. 

Located on the first floor across from the cafe, there is a a community kitchen that offers guests a fridge, kitchen appliances, and pantry storage space. 

The space is narrow, but adequately sized for the smaller number of guests that stay here. The kitchen is well equipped with appliances, and cooking utensil, pots and pans. 

Guests can store their pantry and personal items along the shelf on the wall and eat along the courtyard seating bars ledges. 

Library + Additional Seating

For Selina guests looking to exchange a book, find a place to write that quick email, or enjoy their home cooked meal, there is a library and a variety of seating along the outer edges of the first floor courtyard.

Along the kitchen and library wall, is a series of ledges with bar seats and across the way are sets of benches with Oaxaca style pillows. In the center is a cactus planter with Mexican long chairs and bench seats.

It’s the perfect place to check your Instagram page or wait for your tour pick up.

Coworking Space at Selina Oaxaca

In between the sights and flavors, you may look to get some work done. If so, this Selina is equipped with a cowork space with arguably the best wifi in town!

 The coworking space is also on the main floor and offers hot desk options, as well as a meeting room, and phone booth. 

If you’re looking to lounge back, coworkers can snug into one of the low rider booths, or catch a window seat looking out to the dance studio across the way. 

Cowork is an additional charge for guests who are not part of the Colive or Colive Flex package.


Remember that hidden half of the third floor I mentioned earlier? One part of that hidden area is the Selina Oaxaca’s cinema. 

One of my favorite cinema areas of any Selina thus far, this space has stadium level seating and cushions designed for siting and lounging. A great place to relax and watch a god movie after a big day of exploring. 

The cinema area is kept locked and guests can gain access to the cinema by asking the front desk for the key. 

Selina Oaxaca Reception

What is your access point to all the amazingness at the Selina Oaxaca? Why none other than the reception area. 

Lit by basket chandeliers and striking art, this check in area is well stocked with a 24 hour grab and go area and shopping. 

There is a luggage storage room behind the reception desk for guests needing to store luggage before or after their stay.  

Guest Rooms at Selina Oaxaca

The Selina Oaxaca offers a powerful punch fo room variety considering its smaller location. Guests can reserve any room level here, from dorms, micros and suites. Be sure to book early if you have your heart set on a certain room type, as this smaller location offers only a few rooms of each type.

Rooms are well maintained and cleaned almost daily. Standard, Deluxe, and suite rooms include a door sign to request daily cleaning. Micro and dorm rooms were not equipped with the clean/ private door hanger here.

Dorm + Community Rooms

Two sets dorms are on the first floor near reception and the shared kitchen. There is a third dorm room on the second floor. 

Dorm rooms at this location are larger in terms of capacity and have enough space for guest to walk in. There are no 4 person dorm rooms available at this Selina location.

Micro + Private-Shared Rooms

The second floor is where the micro rooms are located at the Selina Oaxaca; primarily in the two opposite corners.

Each micro shares a bathroom in the corner with up to 3 other Micros rooms. The dorm room on this floor also has access to the two micro restrooms, though I never experienced any issues or conflicts during my stay.

The micro rooms have cuter decor than some Selinas and include a clothes hanging rack with a bottom shelf.

Each micro rooms has a nightstand, as well as bedside lighting. The micros, however, do lack natural light making them feel like shadow caves at times.

There is a large difference in the quality of natural light and square footage of the standard rooms to the micro rooms at this location where it is worth the splurge for a standard room for those with the budget space.

Cleaning of Micro rooms is on a weekly basis or as guests change rooms. There is no daily cleaning or door hangar to request a cleaning for the micro rooms at the Selina Oaxaca.

Standard + Private Rooms

Along the outer wall walkways of the second floor guests will find the standard and suite level rooms. Very spacious and each with a large window out to the historical streets below. Guests in these private rooms can wake to natural sunlight each morning.

The natural light through the large colonial style windows enhances the vibe of each private room. The standard and suite rooms are nearly twice the size of the micro rooms at this location and the natural light is literally night and day.

Majority of the private rooms are on the second floor with additional rooms on the third floor across from the bar and cinema. The three rooms on the third floor can walk out into the open air rooftop each morning, but will have the rooftop music to contend with each evening.

Tours, Social Activities and Wellness Calendar

Due to the smaller guests size of this Selina, social activities are less frequent at the Oaxaca in the off season than at other Selinas.  Guests are invited to the rooftop for their free welcome drink as their only entry into the social scene.

On weekends, Selina hosts DJs on the rooftop spinning house beats and electronic dance music.

Insider Info:

Instead of relying on the Selina coordinators for guest activities and interactions, guests are encouraged to join the Oaxaca Expats group on WhatsApp to know what events may be happening in the area.

Entrance to the Oaxaca Expats WhatsApp group requires someone share the QR code with you and because the group is at maximum capacity, guests may have to wait for someone to remove themselves to request joining.

The Oaxaca expats group primarily posts live music events happening each evening and the occasional art exhibition.

The one exception to all of the above, is the annual Dia de Las Muertas. During the week of Dia de Las Muertas this city and the Selina are full of energy and interaction.

Wellness Events at the Selina Oaxaca

Wellness yoga occurred 3-4 times per week even in the off season, and I appreciated that. However, communication about when yoga classes occurred was disjointed.

I had two font desk attendants give me mixed messages about whether a Selina Oaxaca WhatsApp chat existed, and only one knew about the yoga offering 3 days a week.

However, it turns out Yoga was offered 6 days a week because there was a second yoga instructor who was a wellness resident at the Selina location.

When I coincidentally ran into this second instructor, she communicated her frustration that no one knew of her classes even though she posted in the Selina Oaxaca WhatsAp chat weekly.

The results was wonderful for me because I had 6 yoga session a week that weren’t crowded, but I was disappointed in the lack of communication between the staff, residents, and guests. Definitely an opportunity for improvement.

Selina Wellness Review

Review of Selina Oaxaca

The space of the Selina Oaxaca is wonderful. The location is great for walking to wonderful sites like the zocalo and Santo Domingo church, the best restaurants in town, and leading mezcalerias.

Rooms are spacious and well maintained in terms of cleanliness and decor. The menu is solid, food is available all day anywhere in the building and the rooftop is a great open air escape in a city that can feel small.

As a place to stay, I do recommend the Selina Oaxaca.

What makes the Selina Oaxaca a bittersweet place to stay is that there is a lack of social or guest interaction. This lack of guest interaction makes the location off-brand for Selina and not a great place for long-term digital nomads or solo travelers.

The Selina Oaxaca is the best wifi and Coworking space in the city fo Oaxaca. If you’re a digital nomad and want to explore the area, this is where you want to stay. I just don’t recommend it for a stay longer than a week.

By not recommending it as a place for digital nomads or solo travelers, I perpetuate the challenge that causes the location to fall short- the location is a stopover location for most guests. All but two guests during my stay were in town for 2-4 days.

The one exception to the stop-over mentally is the annual Dia de Las Muertas celebration when both the city of Oaxaca and the Selina are full of social energy. I hear wonderful stories from many Selina Oaxaca travelers about their stays during that festival.

If the choice is between not having a Selina in Oaxaca or having this one with fewer social activities, I am glad to have had this location and opportunity. The food and culture of Oaxaca is worth exploring for all travelers.

Knowing I had access to the best coworking space in the city, as well as a safe and comfortable place to say is worth it on its own.

That’s it for our tour of Selina Oaxaca. This is Acacia for Adventure on the Side. Thank you for reading Hope to see you out in the world soon!