Pros and Cons of Outsite Coliving

Outsite’s coliving program is growing in popularity and locations for good reason.

This coliving program hits at a number of unmet needs in a lot of remote worker and remote nomad’s wish lists making it a welcome option for many.

I, as well as members of my digital nomad family, have stayed with Outsite and we all agree about the value Outsite offers working professionals away from home.

In this article we’ll break down each main category of things to know before deciding if this is the right coliving program for you.

Note: We do partner with brands we trust and travel with. We may receive a commission at no charge to you should you choose to book with them too using the links below.

Pros and Cons Categories We’ll Break Down:

  1. Quality at Outsite
  2. Social Events at Outsite
  3. Outsite Locations
  4. Outsite Price
  5. Travel Budgeting with Outsite
  6. Scheduling Travel with Outsite
  7. Outsite Membership
  8. Wellness At Outsite
  9. Home at Outsite
  10. Who is Outsite for?

Home at Outsite

When it comes to feeling like home, Outsite is great!

My favorite kitchen on the road has been the Outsite Mexico City. The moment I walked in, I wanted to cook a meal, not just heat up food, but actually bust out pots sand pans and make cuisine!

The set up, appliances, and tools in the kitchen were perfect and I enjoyed every moment of it!

This is the type of feeling of home you’ll get when you stay with Outsite. Many locations are large luxury homes, or apartment set ups where you’ll feel normal making your meals on the road.

Of course, every location varies, but Outsite focuses on bringing you the feeling of home no matter which location you stay at.

Outsite homes also have free laundry facilities. No waiting 24 hours for a local service, or sitting at a laundromat when you stay with Outsite. Your Outstie home will have unlimited laundry onsite.

Other homey feels include living spaces. Some Outsite locations may not have a traditional living room as well, or have a shared working space/ living room, but one thing is certain, there will be communal space to sit and enjoy the space outside of your room.

Often, locations have patios, pools, or rooftops for outdoor seating as well. All just a cozy place to call yours, and your coliving friends, home.

Outsite Home Pro or Con?

Outsite offers guests an actual home when they stay. You’re not in a hotel environment or resort turned coliving space; you stay in an actual home with everything you’d expect from a comfortable home like fully furnished kitchen, laundry, and living room.

This is a category that is an absolute pro for the brand and possibly their greatest strength over other coliving programs.

Outsite San Francisco
Outsite San Francisco

Quality at Outsite

Outsite offers a higher end experience than many coliving programs when it comes to comfort at their locations.

While Outsite is not a luxury brand, it is not a budget or hotel brand either. It holds a solid spot in the middle offering trendy and chic decor with solid cleanliness and eye for details.

The quality of decor and comfort at most locations is on point for many young working professionals coming from urban areas. If you are from a suburban area, your Outsite experience may feel a bit luxurious.

When you stay at Outsite, you won’t feel as if you’ve given up quality to save a buck, and you won’t feel like you overpaid for luxury you didn’t need.

Outsite Quality Pro or Con?

Outsite has higher quality rooms and homes than hotel and budget focused coliving brands making this a pro category for the coliving company.

Outsite Swiss Alps
Outsite Swiss Alps

Social Events at Outsite

Community vs social events is a distinction that makes Outsite stand out from many other Coliving offerings.

Of the major coliving offerings available, Outsite may be the company the least focused on social interaction.

For clarity, Outsite is not anti-social, they just don’t focus on social opportunities and experiences as a priority like some other coliving offerings.

Many Outsite locations offer meet and greets, coffee chats and even the occasional dinner out for Outsite guests at the location.

This may sound like a negative at first, but this is one of the reasons Outsite residents love this company!

By not focusing on social interaction or shared experiences, Outsite guests can focus on getting work done or building their own social and activity itinerary.

You don’t have to worry about being distracted, pressured into a night out, or spending money on excursions.

You will have an easier time focusing on work, your schedule, or building your own routine when you stay at an Outsite location.

Outsite Social Events Pro or Con?

If you’re looking to be in focus mode, don’t want distractions after work, or don’t want to deal with extroverts- Outsite’s social level will be a huge Pro for you.

If you’re looking to build community, find like-minded people to explore your location with, or are in party mode, Outsite’s lack of social focus will be a con for you.

Outsite Swiss Alps

Outsite Locations

Outsite is one of the few coliving options that has full time locations around the globe. A huge plus for this brand!

Being able to pack up and go to a new location without redoing research or overcoming uncertainty is a great benefit and peace of mind digital nomads and remote works value.

By having locations across the globe, Outsite enables members to have peace of mind when they want to explore a new location. Outsite members will be familiar with how Outsite works, and the offerings, so they can know what to expect without any extra research.

Only guests to travel with a coliving program can appreciate this benefit. Guest with other programs have limited locations to choose from, or have to wait for the timing and locations of a retreat.

With Outsite, members get the best of both worlds with their numerous full time locations and Outsite retreats.

Outsite doesn’t just offer a variety of locations cross the globe, they have locations other coliving programs do not!

Outsite places their coliving locations in places working professionals want to be or escape to, as opposed to party destinations or locations for adventure seekers.

Locations Pro or Con?

Both the variety of locations as well as the quality of locations makes this a definite pro for Outsite compared to other coliving programs.

If you’re in adventure, you may not enjoy the location selection of Outsite’s homes, though some, like the Lake Tahoe location will have you in love.

Check out Outsite locations here.

Outsite San Francisco
Outsite San Francisco

Outsite Price

Because of Outsite’s full time global locations, and higher comfort levels, a stay can come with a higher price tag than some other coliving programs.

Prices are similar to living in a higher end large city in the United States.

Some Outsite residents appreciate this as it can be a factor in finding like-minded people. The price also tends, though not guaranteed, to filter out those in party or back-packer mode and instead attracts working professionals.

For guests staying a week or longer, you’ll receive 15% off. Stay 30+ nights you’ll get a whomping 30% off and stays of 60 or more days will receive 35% off.

Another great discount is that select locations- those that are just opening and sometime last minute discounts- can get up to a week free or 60% off!

Getting a discount does require an active membership at the time of booking. So sign up for that early so you don’t miss out.

Outsite Price Pro or Con?

If you are budget conscious, you will find Outsite’s price point a con; however, if you want to get quality for your dollar without paying luxury prices, you will find Outsite’s prices in the pro column.

Outsite San Francisco
Outsite San Francisco

Travel Budgeting with Outsite

With so much variety in locations and activities around the world, it can be helpful to stay on budget. Only one coliving program offers truly predicable budgeting, that’s Selina’s colive program.

How does Outsite’s pricing and locations fare for predictable budgeting?

Budgeting can be difficult with Outsite for two reasons:

First, each Outsite location has a different price. This fact is true of every coliving program out there other than Selina’s Colive that breaks price down by global region instead.

When staying with Outsite, every time you want to change locations you’ll need to reevaluate your budget and seasonal costs for the location.

Second, and this is where I think Outsite take a hit on this one, is the wide variation in pricing by location. A monthly stay at an Outsite can range from $800 to almost $4,000 depending on where you go.

That may mean certain locations are within your budget, and others are not.

Without a number of locations in a similar region with somewhat similar pricing, Outsite guests may find themselves struggling to budget for multiple locations.

Outsite Budgeting Pro or Con?

Outsite is not alone offering variable pricing at each location. It’s common amongst coliving programs, so I can’t really call it a con for that alone; however, the wide range of pricing is greater than other coliving programs have for similarly located locations.

The challenge these variable prices places on remote workers wanting to explore multiple locations can feel frustrating and it isolates many remote workers who are also digital nomads.

Outsite budgeting is a con.

Outsite Bali
Outsite Bali

Scheduling Travel with Outsite

When remote workers leave home for the road, they want to explore a location on their timeline. Despite this obvious fact, coliving programs vary in the flexibly of choice their members get in selecting locations and timing.

Outsite offers the best of all three worlds (yes, there’s that many) making this a real plus for them.

Minimum or Maximum Stays

Some of the leading coliving programs require e minimum 3 week or 30 day stay depending on who you book with. Outsite only requires a minimum 2 night stay.

With only a 2 night stay minimum, you get greater flexibility of when you want to be somewhere and how long you stay. A 2 night stay is a minimal commitment compared to the 3-4 week options available.

With Outsite, if you want to stay indefinitely, you can! There’s no maximum either. Some coliving competitors offer no maximums on your stay too, but not all.

So this is another pro in Outsite’s pocket.

When Can you Go?

Outsite has permeant locations that are available year round. You can plan to visit any location at any season, and on your timelines.

You can plan ahead, and even reserve multiple locations back to back.

This is nice because you are not given a limited time window on when a location may be available. A benefit reserved only for those coliving programs that have full time locations (not all do).

Some coliving locations have only one permanent location (Noma Collective) or are retreat-based only. Which means you can only visit a place when a retreat is happening and on the retreat’s timeline.

You miss out on the flexibility of time and place you get with Outsite.

Exciting Destinations

It can be exciting to attend limited-time coliving retreats because you can explore an area of the world that is fun and adventurous that maybe doesn’t make sense for a full time coliving location. So coliving programs that focus more on retreats than permeant locations can get an edge over permeant location only programs.

Outsite, though, brings the best of this world in too offering retreats around the world for their members. Outsite members don’t miss out on existing adventure just because they are with a coliving program with full time locations.

It’s how Outsite offers the best of all three worlds in this category!

Scheduling with Outsite Pro or Con?

Outsite offers full time locations around the world, with a minimum 2 night stay and no max. Which really means almost no commitment to a location unless you want.

And Outsite members don’t miss out on existing short term destinations either, as the program offers multiple retreats each year!

This trifecta makes Outsite a huge pro in this category!

Outsite Portugal
Outsite Portugal

Outsite Membership

Membership offers great benefits, like preapproved guests, higher quality community, and great discounts.

Not to mention, you get access to a free week if you stay at newly opened locations, the travel planning tool, and earn rewards for free events and bookings.

Who would’t love all of that?

All these great benefits are balanced by a decent payment you need to make blind- around $150-$300 depending on the level you choose.

You can’t really try Outsite before you apply for membership and if you don’t love Outsite, you can’t get a refund. (Exception: Two of Outsite’s locations are reservable on )

Membership is about 10% of the monthly price of a stay, and you do get $25 back in credit, so it’s not a major loss, but it’s also not for the budget conscious.

One thing I do love about the membership is that it ensures other guests are serious about their stay.

You’re less likely to have partiers or irresponsible people at your Outsite when membership is involved and that can be a great reassurance when coliving.

e break down all the benefits of Outsite membership here.

Outsite Membership Pro or Con?

If you like how having a membership can be a filter for certain types of guests and are ok with the member rate, you won’t mind Outsite’s membership approach.

If you are budget conscious or don’t want to invest $200 to try your first stay, you will find Outsite’s membership approach a con.

Outsite New York City
Outsite New York

Wellness At Outsite

Many coliving brands include wellness sessions in their programs like yoga, meditation, or an onsite gym.

Outsite does not.

Wellness is not an area that Outsite focuses on in their offerings, but that doesn’t necessary make it a bad thing.

Many Outsite locations are well situated near gyms and yoga studios, but if and when you sign up is up to you. Outsite membership also includes discounts to wellness programs like ClassPass and gym memberships.

It will also be an additional expense not included in your Outsite stay, but that also mean you’re not paying for activities you’re not going to use.

So Outsite is not blind to wellness, they just don’t prioritize it in your stay.

Outsite Wellness Pro or Con?

If you don’t want to pay for wellness you’re not going to attend, have your own workout routine, or prefer to leave wellness up to you, you will love that Outsite doesn’t include it.

If you’re looking to have wellness included in your coliving package, Outsite will disappoint you on this one.

Outsite Biarritz
Outsite Biarritz

Who is Outsite for?

Outsite is home on the road. Literally.

Outsite is perfect for the professional or business traveler who wants a sense of home with a kitchen, laundry, and living spaces and isn’t willing to lower their standards for a hostel, budget, or party environment.

For higher quality stay, you may give up the opportunity to build a life long community with a lower focus on social and wellness events, but you will not be alone with staying at an Outsite either (which Beas air BnB!).

Outsites gives guest the opportunity to focus on their work instead of dealing with distractions and have comfy cozy place to call home at the end of a long work day while having an exciting destination to explore on your weekends.

If that sounds like the type of coliving experience you’re after, I highly recommend Outsite!