Nod to Knome

It would be odd to not have one of my first blog posts be about my first travel companion, Knome. My first expeditions over the Atlantic were as a solo traveler and the idea of taking selfies of myself for a week seemed ludicrous, so I brought my traveling gnome along for the ride. The … Continue reading Nod to Knome

#Alannaps Jamaica

Jamaica. The original #alannaps. #alannaps began while Alan and I were on the tropical island of Jamaica on a relaxing vacation. It was my goal not to be on social media or electronic devices during our island escape, yet I wanted to give family a update on Facebook that we were safe and enjoying ourselves. … Continue reading #Alannaps Jamaica

#Alannaps Paris

Ah, Paris. The city of lights, love, and #alannaps. In our recent trip to Paris for Acacia’s birthday, Alan found a great way to avoid jet lag- sleep any time you feel tired! Apparently, Alan felt that napping urge in the mourning chapel at Marie Antoinette’s former cell at La Conciergerie He also avoided jet lag … Continue reading #Alannaps Paris