Club Mobay vs Sandals Arrival Lounge

Arriving at Montego Bay for your upcoming Sandals trip and looking to maximize your experience? We will breakdown what is, and isn’t, included in both the Club Mobay experience and the Sandals arrival lounge and how to book the best experience for your upcoming vacation in paradise.

Simply, Club Mobay is a fast track VIP experience and a lounge available for both Arrivals and Departures. The experience and rates are different for both the arrivals and departure options.

Sandals is an arrivals lounge to sit in while you wait for your transportation to the resort. Sandals does not include the airport VIP experience, nor a departure option with their services.

Let’s break down the arrival and departure options of each, starting with Sandals.

Sandals Arrival
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The Arrivals Experience with Sandals

Upon your flight’s arrival at Sangster International Airport, you will exit the plane and walk to immigration for processing. There is a line at immigration and it varies from 20- 50 mins depending on the season and time of day.

After being processed by Immigration, you will collect your bags and head to Customs. Customs lines are often 5-15 mins long. Once through, you will enter the main terminal area where you will see the Sandals Lounge on your right.

Sandals’ guests check-in for their transportation at the lounge, and then enjoy the seating area until their shuttle departs. Guests may sip on drinks and nibble on snacks while lounging.

Most Sandals’ transit leaves within 10-20 minutes of check-in.


The Departure Experience with Sandals

Jamaican travel guidelines recommended travelers arrive to the airport at least 2 hours before an international flight. Your resort’s shuttle will aim to have you at the airport around 2-2.5 hours before departure to comply with these guidelines.

Sandals’ guests are dropped off at the main entrance to check-in with their airlines. There is no additional service after.

Travelers will wait in airport security for 15 mins-1 hour and then wait in the main terminal area for their flights.

Sangster International Airport is not air conditioned (With the exception of the Club Mobay Lounge) and seating is limited in the terminal. There are some shops with local goods, fast food counters, and restaurants to help pass the time till your flights departs.

The Arrivals Experience with Club Mobay

The Club Mobay Arrivals experience begins at your arrival gate where a personal VIP Representative will meet you. Your Club Mobay Representative will collect your passport and customs form before leading you to the immigration area.

Club Mobay has a separate immigrations line. Club Mobay Arrivals guests do not wait in the 20-50 min immigration line. They have a fast track line exclusively for Club Mobay guests. Club Mobay immigration processing is usually under 5 minutes.

Once through, your Club Mobay Representative will get a cart for your bags and bring them to Customs for you. There is a separate Club Mobay Customs line which allows Club Mobay guests to skip to the front of the line.

After you pass immigrations and customs, your personal Club Mobay representative will answer any additional questions you may have, show you how you how to access your shuttle transportation to your resort, and then they will walk you to the private Club Mobay Arrivals Lounge.

Once seated, a server will approach you an offer to bring you over any drinks you’d like. You will also have access to tapas and wifi until your shuttle departs.

Click here to read more about the Club Mobay Experience

Club Mobay Arrivals is $50 per Adult and $25 for children 2-12. You can book here:

Book Club Mobay Arrival Now


The Departure Experience with Club Mobay

Once your shuttle drops you off at the airport and you check in with your airline, you will meet your Club Mobay representative who will walk you through a security fast lane exclusively for Club Mobay Departure guests.

This security fast lane is like TSA precheck but without the line. The Club Mobay security line is 5-10 minutes to clear.

The regular line takes 15 mins- 1 hour, depending on the day. The average is 20-40 mins.

Once through security, you will be escorted to the air-conditioned Club Mobay Departure Lounge where you will be seated at a reserved spot, have a server to bring you your drinks, as well as  unlimited food, and wifi while you await your flight.

Learn more about the Club Mobay Experience

The Club Mobay Departure rate is $30 for adults, $20 for children 2-12. Here’s a link to the official booking site: 

Club Mobay Departure Lounge Reservations Link

Comparison of Sandals Arrival vs Club Mobay Arrivals Lounge

The Sandals Arrival Lounge is a seating area with snacks, drinks, and wifi for you to enjoy while you await your transit.

Club Mobay is a VIP airport arrival experience, fast track through processing, and a lounge with snacks, drinks, and wifi. Club Mobay’s lounge is a bit larger than Sandals’ Lounge, is often less crowded, and offers more premium drinks.

The true benefits of the Club Mobay experience over the Sandals’ lounge is the fast track and personal escort through immigration and customs, as well as assistance with your luggage.

The two lounges, Sandals’ and Club Mobay’s are close to each other in the same area of the arrival terminal just steps apart and close to the ground transportation area.


Sandals Arrivals

Club Mobay Arrivals

VIP Airport Escort X Yes
Fast Track Immigration X Yes
Fast Track Customs X Yes
Baggage Assistance X Yes
Air Conditioned Lounge Yes Yes
Food & Drink Included Yes Yes
Rate Included w Sandals Booking $50 Adult, $25 Child

Can’t Decide?

Are you looking for luxury and spender from your first step in Jamaica, or are you more budget conscious?

Do you want to start your vacation once your flight lands, or when you are through border patrol?

Club Mobay makes you feel like a VIP from the moment you step off your plane. You will have a personal representative handle nearly everything for you from the moment you land till your shuttle whisks you off to your resort. Not to mention that upgraded drink as your welcome to Jamaica.

Its no wonder celebrities like Ryan Gossling and 50 Cent use Club Mobay!

Sandals’ arrival experience begins once you have collected your luggage and cleared immigration and customs.

Note: Club Mobay Arrivals regularly sells out during busy season and popular travel times. We recommend you book as soon as you have your flight information.

You can cancel anytime up until 48 hours before your travel date.

Reserve your Club Mobay Lounge Reservation Here 

Comparison of Sandals Departure vs Club Mobay Departure Lounge

A Club Mobay reservation includes fast track through airport security, as well as an all-inclusive food, drink, and wifi air-conditioned lounge till your flight departs. The lounge also offers additional service options like a masseuse and business center.

Club Mobay is the only lounge in Montego Bay’s departure terminal and is available for $30 for adults and $20 for children 2-12 yrs.

Read all the Club Mobay Departure benefits here,

Sandals does not offer any departure benefits once guests are at the airport.

Book Club Mobay Now. You can cancel anytime up until 48 hours before your travel date. 

Sandals Departure

Club Mobay Departure

Fast Pass through Security X Yes
Air-Conditioned Lounge X Yes
Unlimited cocktails and drinks X Yes
Unlimited Food X Yes
Free Wifi X Yes
Rate None $30 per Adult,

$20 Children 2-12

Can’t Decide?

When do you want your vacation to end? Never!

With Club Mobay Departure Lounge, your vacation continues after your shuttle has dropped you off at the airport. You get unlimited food, drinks (including frozen drinks and beer), personalized service, and an air-conditioned seating lounge to keep you rested and relaxed till your flight.

Travelers without Club Mobay Departure await their flights in the general boarding area. The boarding area is not air- conditioned and has limited seating. There are fast food options, a couple restaurants and bars, and stores to explore while you wait.

With the price of airport food and drink up-charges, $30 for adults and $20 for children 2-12 to access the all-inclusive Club Mobay Lounge seems an easy and budget friendly choice.

Book Club Mobay Now. You can cancel anytime up until 48 hours before your travel date. 

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