Best Dog Camping Gear Brands

When it comes to selecting the best camping gear for your dog, who can you trust and how do you get the best value for the price?

Over the years we’ve been able to shop, try, and destroy dog camping gear when keeping Gambit safe and cozy.

While several camping brands have dip their toes into outdoor gear for dogs, many fall out of the industry making it difficult to rebuy our faves.

We’ll breakdown the best dog camping gear brands, what to expect, and compare their pros and cons so you know who you can trust and why.

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Ruffwear’s Dog Backpack


Ruffwear is the leading dog outfitter for dogs. Ruffwear started in 1992 focusing on hiking and lightweight gear for outdoor lovers who wanted to bring their dogs along. Over the years they have expanded to have a comprehensive offering of outdoor and camping gear for dogs.

Ruffwear is known for high quality durable craftsmanship built for tough terrains and offers many products in lightweight collapsable form when possible to help lighten the load.

The Grip Trex dog boot is designed for backcountry terrain with its super tough and thick sole. Teh thickest on the market.

Ruffwear offers a wide selection from water bowls, harnesses, dog backs and dog camping beds meant for year-round adventure activities like camping, hiking, and watersports.

Ruffwear on Amazon: Ruffwear Store


  • Toughest and most durable gear on the market designed to handle rough terrain and backcountry conditions.
  • Ruffwear focuses exclusively on outdoor dog gear staying true to their identity and expertise.
  • The original dog camping gear company with decades of experience.
  • They are well trusted and their dog gear focuses on durability. They are the only dog gear line available in the leading outdoors retailer REI, and are carried in top outfitters like Moosejaw.
  • They guarantee their products are free from any defects.


  • Price. Ruffwear’s quality and durability comes at a price. Ruffwear has added some midlevel pricing to better compete in the dog camping gear segment, but their high-end gear is usually the high-end option for dog camping gear.
Gambit in Kurgo Harness


Kurgo got their start as a dog seatbelt company to keep dogs safe in the car. This focus on safety has been a key element as their product line has grown to include outdoor and camping gear for dogs.

Today, Kurgo’s gear includes dog camping essentials like collapsible bowls, harnesses, packs, and beds. All Kurgo products come with a lifetime warranty, the longest warranty in the industry. So you know you can trust it.

Kurgo on Amazon: Kurgo Store


  • Kurgo’s brand began with a focus on dog safety and its stays true to that in all their products
  • Long standing trusted name in dog gear
  • Wide variety of selection
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Kurgo is not as pricey as Ruffwear, but it is also not budget friendly
  • Kurgo does not focus its dog camping gear for rough terrain
  • Lacking in color variety
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Gambit in His Raincoat

Outward Hound

Outward Hound is the parent company of trusted dog toy brands like Petstages and Bionic. They have 6 dog brands including a line designated for outdoor activities.

Their Outbound Hound line, same name as the parent company, focuses on outdoor gear for dogs and covers everything from leashes and bowls, to lifejackets and weather specific dog gear.

Outbound Hound focuses on accessibility rather than long term durability.

They have reliable quality at approachable prices, but do not offer a lifetime warranty on their gear like Kurgo. Many of their products are available with fun vibrant colors. They are the most colorful brand.

Outward Hound on Amazon: Outward Hound Store


  • Good value for the dollar for the average camper
  • Large variety and selection of dog camping and outdoor gear at accessible prices
  • Easy to find this brand at many retailers
  • Colorful gear adds an element of playfulness


  • Lower focus on long term durability in their products than Kurgo and Ruffwear.
  • Gear is not designed to handle backcountry or rough terrain on a regular basis

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OneTigris is a younger company having started in 2014, but is growing fast offering a wide variety of camping gear for dogs.

OneTigris focuses on dog camping gear from the tactical perspective. This is reflected in the neutral and camo colors of their dog camping gear.

Their gear is only available online from retailers like Amazon and Chewy, or directly through OneTigris’ website. The dog packs are some of the highest rated on Amazon.

OneTigris has a wide selection of gear from harnesses to beds and offers a one-year return policy on all their products.

Their portable dog bed is the best on the market for the price, in our humble opinion. Its rolling style is nice for easy packing in the car.

OneTigris on Amazon: OneTigris Store


  • Wide Selection of dog camping gear
  • Accessible pricing
  • Gear comes in neutral and camo colors
  • High ratings on Amazon


  • Younger brand and only available online
  • Does not come with the high durability and lifetime guarantee of other brands.


Orvis is a fly-fishing outfit retailer that has been around since the 1800s. They have a longstanding expertise with the outdoors and have a “We love Dogs” campaign about helping your companion stay with your everywhere you adventure.

Orvis offers outdoor dog gear under their brand online and in store, and is another trusted retailer of Ruffwear.

Orvis’ gear is of superior quality and meant to be as stylish as it is comfortable. This style and quality come at a price with Orvis being a higher end outfitter.   

Orvis on Amazon: Shop Orvis


  • Stylish gear with a cabin or ‘man of the woods’ feel made from excellent materials and quality
  • Focus on comfort and style


  • Orvis focuses on cabin type outdoors sleeping, not tent or car camping.
  • Their gear is not designed for the rugged terrain like Ruffwear and Kurgo.
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Ruffwear’s Hydroplane Floating Toy

Who is the Best Dog Gear Provider?

The primary camping and outdoors companies are Ruffwear, Kurgo, and Outward House, with Orvis offering cabin style fittings and OneTigris offering tactical gear.

Each of these brands offers trusted products that will protect your dog during your camping and outdoor activities.

Best on the market is Ruffwear with gear that is as tough and rugged as the outdoors and that quality comes at a price.

Kurgo has a focus on safety to give you added peace of mind in addition to high quality dog camping gear. They back that peace of mind up with a lifetime warranty on their products.

Outward Hound balances price, quality, and fun. They offer more colors and accessible gear options than the other brands and at a lower price. Some quality is lost in the fun, but not everyone is taking their dog to backcountry.

OneTigris is younger so how long the gear lasts is till up for debate, but it has great reviews on Amazon and may be the best value for the price right now. They come with a focus on tactical gear which means gear in neutral tones as opposed to vibrant colors.

There are additional brands that offer quality camping and outdoor gear for dogs such as Mobile Dog Gear’s gear and food carrying packs, and Snagle Paw who has some of the best rated tie out lines, but they focus on a single item as opposed to being a trusted line of camping gear for your dog.

Now you know the best dog camping gear brands and can get you and your dog the best gear for your next camping adventure!

What Dog Camping Gear Do You Need? Get a complete list here.


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