What’s the Difference between Selina, Outsite, Noma Collective and Wifi Tribe’s Coliving Programs?

You want to explore the world while balancing work, having fun and building a community of great friends. 

But when you do your research, it can feel like every major coliving program promises all these things. 

Which leaves you wondering, what is the real difference between these coliving programs and how do you choose? 

From Outsite Coliving, Noma Collective, WiFi Tribe and Selina’s Colive program we’re here to show you the real differences between these leading coliving programs.

Because, yes, there are real differentiators between coliving programs and not every coliving program is for everyone. 

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Outsite Coliving

Outsite is about home on the road. A literal home that is always there.

Outsite locations are large home, often with a mansion, or condo type feel. There are a few exceptions, but for most Outsite locations you’ll be sharing a large home with other coliving residents, as opposed to a large resort, hotel or hostel. 

Outsite’s home safe always there for you to come home to. 

A major differentiator for Outsite coliving is that they have full time locations across the globe. So if you want to visit a place in summer and then in winter- you can! Home means a place to can back to and Outsite delivers on that. It al means a place you can stay as long as you like. 

Because Outsite has full-ties locations, you don’t have to get up a leave when the retreat to destination itinerary ends. I you live a place, you are welcome to stay as long as you like- just like home. 

Lastly, Outsite is a members-only coliving program. This means only other Outsite members with active membership will be at a location with you. Outsite members are digital nomads and remote workers who have decided to join the community, not just sample it. 

When to pick Outsite Coliving

You’ll love Outsite if you want a home away from home. A place to stay and go as you please, make a warm meal and say hi to a friendly face as you go about your travel life. 

Noma Collective

Noma Collective is about workcaction. If you want the fun, excitement and relaxation of a vacation around your work hours, Noma Collective is the Coliving program for you. 

Each Noma Collective location is often a resort (or former one) where each person has individual units to stay in, with shared amenities like a gym, pool, and beach. You’re going to have that vacation vibes ins your surroundings and the property layout. 

During you stay you’re going to have bursts of fun, excursions and energetic people to enjoy it all with around your 9-5.

But, like a vacation, Noma Collective has set timeframe when you’ll visit a destination and when it ends, everyone heads home.

Noma Collective has only one full time location in Belize. All other Noma Collective destinations are retreat based offering the variety of exciting destinations like a vacation, but ensuring you’ll have all your work and wellness resources during your stay. 

Each retreat runs around 3-4 weeks, and the minimum stay at the Belize location is also 3 weeks to help you bond and connect with the people and surroundings. These minimums ensure you have time to settle in, bond, and relax into your experience. 

Almost everyone enjoys their Noma Collective experience because Noma Collectives sets you up for success at the core of their program.

However, like a vacation, your time with Noma Collective must end.

When a retreat is over, you cannot extend because Noma Collective does not have full time access to the locations. Even the full time location in Belize has visa limitations prohibiting most guests from staying in the country more than 30 days (visa extensions may be possible). 

Noma Collective is also not great for those who want to sample local culture or get a real feel for a location.

While Noma Collective events calendars often include excursions off the property, just like you would a vacation resort, you head out for the day and return. You don’t really settle in or assimilate to your surroundings. 

You’re not truly interacting with locals like you would if you lived there.

When to Pick Noma Collective

Noma Collective’s stay and play approach, with end dates in mind, makes Noma Collective the perfect coliving program for those who want to sample, or bounce back and forth between the remote working and digital nomad lifestyle with their home.

You’re going to really maximize fun, socialization and workcation with Noma Collective. 

WiFi Tribe

WiFi Tribe’s strong suit is their community. WiFi Tribe builds community to last, repeat, and reconnect over time and global locations. 

Like Noma Collective, WiFi Tribe does not have full time global locations, so your stay at a particular destination has a set start and end date. 

However like Outsite, WiFi Tribe uses homes and condo buildings as its residences instead of resort or hotel properties. That means a home with real kitchens, shared living room, and often yards, patios or even pools that are for the private residence only. 

Because WiFi Tribe focuses on community, they often have multiple residences near each other for each destination because they have a community that returns. This is great because you’ll have both your coliving roommates, but aren’t limited to the capacity of one building. 

It enables WiFi Tribe to balance the small group connection and intimacy of a home on the road, with the social benefits of a medium sized group of around 20-30. 

WiFi Tribe has a members only approach like Outsite, but Wifi Tribe aims to curate the community so members want to return again and again. This means an ongoing community that is eager to see each other again, while welcoming new members who they already know they will bond well with. 

When to Pick WiFi Tribe

WiFi Tribe is great for those digital nomads and remote workers who want ongoing variability in their locations, or can hop in and out of the remote working lifestyle, while balancing the best of excursions and community opportunities in a home ambiance.

Selina Colive

If you want to maximize the word nomad in your digital nomad experience, Selina Colive is the Coliving program for you. 

Selina’s sweet spot is that they have over 100 full-time global locations meaning you can bounce and swap locations around the world as your heart desires. 

No need to redo you research, or plan for certain locations on certain retreat dates, like Noma Collective and Wifi Tribe. If you want to visits a Selina destination, it is there waiting for you. 

With Selina Colive you can explore the world on your time. Head to Lima, Peru for a week, then down to Cusco for a week. Love Cusco? Stay another month if you want! The Selina locations are always there. 

Coworking spaces are available at every Selina and are a solid place to get work done with reliable wifi, desks, and private spaces for phone calls. Selina coworking spaces are a bit like a business center at a hotel, but with a hot desk/ shared approach instead of the stuffing formal feel. 

Selina is also budget friendly, accessible, and a great way to dip your toe into the digital nomad lifestyle. Selina offers four rooms levels for colive residents: twin bed in a shared room, Micro rooms, private rooms a suites meaning no matter your comfort level, Selina Colive has something for you. 

Selina breaks pricing down by global region which means you can location hop in a region of the world for a similar price point no matter which location you go to. This makes budgeting very easy because you won’t have pricing variability as often as you may with other coliving programs. 

Selina locations, unlike WiFi Tribe or Outsite, are like high-end hostels or mid level hotels as opposed to a home. 

Selina locations do have shared amenities like community kitchen, wellness area and cinema, but they are more about having the amenity than maximizing the amenity. 

For example, Selina locations have shared kitchens with coffee making, a stove, and sink. But a Selina kitchen will not be fully stocked with skillets and pots, or whisks and spatulas. It will be stocked with basics- a pot, a pan, and maybe some utensils. 

Because Selina is about accessing the world on a budget, not a home on the road. 

Community at a Selina location varies. Every Selina will have a social schedule, and many Selinas have an onsite resident to help introduce guests. However, the approach does not have a long term bonding community approach like Wifitribe, or stay together long enough to bind, like Noma Collective. 

Often, friendships at Selinas are deepened as you bump into the same people in the Selina circuit (those also bouncing Selina to Selina) creating shared locations and opportunities over time. A more nomadic approach to the lifestyle. 

The quality of the social experience can vary Selina location to location. Some are phenomenal, Selina Playa del Carmen and Lima, Peru, while others take a low key approach, like Selina Oaxaca. 

Selina is great for those who want to truly explore the world at their own pace with predictable budgeting.

Which Coliving Program is Best? 


Outsite is great for home on the road, long and short term experiences, members only. Perfect for those remote workers who want to do things on their timeline, settle into a destination like you moved there, and for those digital nomads who want to go at a slower pace. 

WiFi Tribe:

WiFi Tribe is great for short term, community-based feeling of home as you transition in and out of the program’s various destinations. WiFi Tribe is ideal for those looking to truly establish a longer-term community, balanced with ever changing locations.

Noma Collective:

Noma Collective may be the best workcation coliving program out there. Stay in a resort for 3-4 weeks with other remote workers with a schedule guaranteed to maximize fun and work. But when the time comes, everyone will return home, or to another coliving program.

Returning Noma Collective Guests connect on a future Noma collective who their schedules permit.

Selina Colive:

Selina Colive is perfect for those remote workers looking to live the nomad side of the digital nomad lifestyle.

Selina has the most full time locations across the globe with flat rate pricing by global region, making location hopping a breeze. The events calendar gives plenty of opportunities to meet the other coworkers and nomads staying at your location. 

How to Decide?

While you explore which coliving program remember that your coliving program choice can change as your travel goals and style change. What may be the perfect fit today, may not be the perfect tomorrow- and that’s ok!

Many digital nomads, long term remote workers and those who bounce in and out abroad may pick 2-3 of these coliving programs to enjoy each year.

Sometimes you feel like deep diving into a region of the world, then want to slow things down for a bit, meet up with your favorite tribe, or just take it slow on the road.

Each phase of live and travel style can take advantage of what each of these 4 main coliving programs offers.

You can relax and enjoy your travels knowing there is the perfect coliving program waiting for you when you’re ready.

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