Essential Iceland

Are you considering a trip to Iceland and unsure what to see and do besides chase the northern lights? This workshop will give you the know-how and insight to help you have the experience of a lifetime in the country of fire and ice.

Webinar Topics:


  • Iceland Travel Overview
  • Itineraries and Activities
  • Tours or Car Rental?
  • Driving the Ring Road
  • Hotels and Camping
  • Food & Drink
  • Northern Lights
  • & More!


“Acacia was very knowledgeable about traveling through Iceland. She even tailored her talk to highlight things we were interested in doing. I would recommend this webinar to anyone that is traveling to Iceland. I find that it is always easier to talk to someone about traveling than just reading a book. Happy Travels.”  -Patty B.

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Speaker: Acacia has traveled to numerous countries across four continents, including multiple trips to Iceland. Her Icelandic adventures include snorkeling between the N. American and Eurasian tectonic plates, photographing humpback whales, and sleeping on a sheep farm. She has chased the northern lights across multiple regions of the world and her northern lights photography is currently featured in one of the top northern lights tracking aps. Acacia is an enthusiastic speaker who is excited to help you have the trip of a lifetime. Learn more about Acacia on our About page.

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