When I was in grade school I would occasionally visit my grandmother in northern Wisconsin and an elderly woman named Rose, whom my grandmother was the caretaker for. When Rose learned that I had started a stamp collection, she pulled out a box of postcards she had saved and gave them to my grandmother to send to me in Arizona. The postcard collection was a mix of cards Rose herself had written during her international travels, cards her granddaughter had written to her, and a few from other friends and family. The postcards covered nearly 50 years of adventures.
I was very excited to see such unique and cool stamps from around the globe. I took scissors, cut off the postage, and threw the cards into the trash. That was until one day when I decide to read one of the postcards. The letter written on this particular card was simple and warm, but also a freeze frame of world history.  I recognized the country, Iraq, from the news and this traveler’s adventure was impacted by it being in a post war state. I had never traveled abroad, but I cherished the social history and heirloom this card represented. My interest in stamps immediately diminished and was replaced by a curiosity about the world and an appreciation for people’s travel stories. I stopped cutting mail for stamps and started a postcard collection.
Both Rose and my grandmother have since passed away, but I still have 45 of the postcards Rose gave me and they are now part of a collection of over 200 cards I have. The postcards in the collection date from as far back as 1928 and span over XX countries and XX states.
It is a dream of mine to travel the world and recreate these postcards or their images. Until then, I will continue cherishing each of them, their stories, and the people who have shared them with me. I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.
To protect the privacy of our friends and family, we have blurred out some of the mailing addresses on the cards.
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