Perfect Digital Nomad Week in Playa del Carmen

Balancing fun and work is no easy task for digital nomads and no one wants to wait till the weekend to enjoy Playa del Carmen.

But how can you balance weekend day fun and rising fresh and ready for work?

We’ll walk you through real examples of how digital nomads can maximize every moment of their free time in Playa del Carmen as a digital nomad.

There is plenty of after work and lunch time things to explore that won’t interfere with your work day. 

In this article we’ll break down how you can explore and have fun in Play del Carmen every day of the week- and still be up by 7a for work the next day!

Monday in Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

Monday Morning:

Mornings at the start of the work week call for great coffee and a gentle arousing of the senses, that gets you into your work day. Head to Marley’s Cafe, in the bottom floor of the Fives Residences, for the best cup of Joe in town. 

Feeling hungry? Grab their $6 Quickie breakfast.  It includes an americano, warm croissant breakfast sandwich and fruit. 

Monday After Work:

After work, explore Playa del Carmen’s infamous 5th Avenue. Just one block off from the beach, this miles long route is for pedestrians only and is full of shop bars, restaurants and great vibes. 

Grab a bite at whatever looks interesting- from crepes or waffles, or sit in a hanging swing at the bar while you take in great ceviche.

The ceviche in Playa del Carmen is amazing! 

Monday Night:

Follow 5th Avenue to Av. Benito Juarez where you’ll find the Parque Los Fundadores. This park not only has great statutes and views of the ocean, it has free Mayan ceremonies, dances and shows by locals every night. 

Around 7/7:30p you’ll find group salsa classes open to the public for all levels.

All the shows and activities at the park are free with a request for donations.

Tuesday In Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

Tuesday Morning:

Start your morning watching the Mexican sunrise over the ocean. The beach at Playa del Carmen faces the sunrise and morning is the perfect time to take it all in as the beach is not yet full of tourists.

It’s a peaceful way to start your digital nomad day. 

If you’re in need of a coffee, cafes in the area open around 7a, so you can grab that coffee on your way to your desk if you need it. 

Tuesday Lunch:

Ready for the best tacos in town? There are two locations for arguably the best tacos in town. The debate is open on which is the best. You can pick based on which side of town you’re on. 

The first location, and my personal favorite, is Tacos el Joroche. It’s a taco cart in front of Parque Portal Maya on Calle 2. 

Unsure what to order? I recommend the Tacos pastor and add either the fresh Tamarindo sauce, or the spicy habanero + avocado salsa to make your taste buds sing!

The other location for amazing street tacos here in Playa del Carmen is on Calle 14 behind the Mega supermarket.

There are two carts that are great over here. One carts roasts full onions and the other has juice pastor meats.

Order based on what meat is calling to you. These carts have unique meats that other carts don’t prep and man are they juicy!

The flavors here are about the style of meat and simplicity, as opposed to sauces or mixes.

Tuesday Night:

After work, walk to Calle 38 between 5th Avenue and the beach. As you turn the corner, you’ll feel you’ve escaped the city to a jungle or Bali vibe of greenery and calm. You won’t even recognize that you’re in Playa del Carmen any more!

Along this route are a series of great restaurants from Piola, with great artisan Pizza, Amate 38 with a real cenote and waterfall in the back, or La Perla that has live music and elite mezcal cocktails. 

You can’t go wrong in selecting any of the bars or restaurants on Calle 38.

Wednesday in Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

Wellness Wednesdays. We’re half way through the work week and on our way into the weekend! 

Wednesdays are the perfect day to focus on wellness, so today we focus on eating healthy and revitalizing the body and soul so we are our best not only at work, for for our weekend play. 

Wednesday Morning: 

Partake in morning yoga or meditation on the rooftop palapa atop the Selina Playa del Carmen. The wellness palapa at the Selina overlooks their pools area and you can see the sunrising over the ocean. 

Yoga and meditation classes are included in some Selina gusts stays, for others, including non-guests, a single session is around $2-5. 

Breakfast: Just a couple blocks from the Selina on Calle 2, is the best fruit and juice stand in the city, Jugo y Frutas. Grab a fresh fruit bowl for $3 or a fresh juice for $1.

When you depart Selina from yoga, turn right on Calle 2; the fruit stand is a few blocks up on the southwest side of the street..

Wednesday Lunch: 

Fresh falafel and veggies! Flavor and healthy on one plate- who can resist? Falafel Nessya on Calle 6 is the spot for fresh falafel. 

Get a massive plate if you’re hungry, or keep it simple and have a fresh pita. You can dine in at the open air cafe tables, or grab your food to go. 

Wednesday Afternoon:

With a happy bellly, bring your laptop and transition from the office to the amazing Wow Cafe and Coworking space. 

Up 1.5 blocks from Falafel Nessaya  on Calle 6 is the community centric boutique cafe, Wow Cafe.

This is not only a fun space to work from, they host food drives, artisan markets, and holiday karaoke; you’ll immediately feel the community focus here.

The owner will likely introduce herself to you and share with you all the local happenings and invite you to join in the fun. 

Despite the fun and joyful environment, the space is a solid place to work from.

Wednesday Afterwork:

Stand up paddle boarding at sunset. A relaxing and peaceful way to escape the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen is SUP.
I enjoyed SUP at Playa Del Carmen because the wind and waves are generally calm making it a great place to learn and relax. 

Sunset sessions start around 5p and depart from Fusion Beach Club.

Do reserve a day or two ahead as sessions can sell out. Prices are around $25-30// person and include all your equipment and they send you pictures of yourself after! 

Thursday in Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

Thursday Morning:

I like to feel the weekend vibes on my Thursdays, but without loosing track of how I’m going to end the work week on an awesome note. So, that’s the Thursday transition focus. 

Thursday Breakfast: at Chez Celine

You want fresh made breads, great lattes, and amazing avocado toast- head to Chez Celine. Chez Celine opens at 7:30a so you can get a revitalizing meal on the adorable patio before you start your work day. You’ll also experience 5th avenue during a time of calm and serenity. 

With a happy belly, its time to start the work day. Walk along the (still) calm 5th Avenue to one of many Ah Cacao Cafes. Like the Starbucks of Playa del Carmen, these cafes are every few blocks, but they focus on everything chocolate. 

From cakes, mochas, and pure chocolate bars your taste buds will be bouncing with joy as you sip cocoa coffees and bites. Each location has wifi included with a purchase. Your log in will be on your receipt. Ah Cacao locations open between 7 and 7:30a so you can start your work day as soon as your finish breakfast (if you wanted to).

Thursday Afternoon:

For your afternoon, it’s time to transition from responsible to relaxed by heading to Lido Beach Club. 

While the idea of working from a beach club may sound scary, this place has an amazing food menu, including vegan and gluten free options, chill live music and some of the best cocktails all at great prices!

The best part? They have wifi over 100mbps and never seem to be full in the afternoons. It’s like the beach club was designed for digital nomads to go from midday to evening. 

Entrance to Lido can feel difficult to find. You enter the walk way of the Hotel Colibri and follow the center courtyard to find the beach seating. 

Most of the space is shaded in the afternoon, and there are outlets along the outer tables. If you’re feeling adventurous, sit at the swinging chairs at the bar. 

Thursday Afterwork:

For dinner, enjoy happy hour and bites at Lido and when you’re ready to close out we’re going dancing!

Thursdays have salsa and bachata dancing on the rooftop of the Five’s Residences on Calle 2. The large rooftop at the Fives has great views of the city and Mexican ocean from the spacious bar, lounge, and pool areas.

The salsa and bachata classes rotate each each. You can buy entrance ahead of time on MeetUp or pay a couple extra dollars at the door ($7-12). 

The first hour will be a group class followed by opening dancing from a local DJ and dance studio. 

This is the real deal. It is well attended by locals and expats, not tourists, who are there to meet new people and practice their moves.

I recommend having your basics down before attending or being open to seeing locals work their stuff. 

But even if you’re not up to speed on your dance moves, you’ll enjoy sipping on a cocktail (or water) as you take in the great views from this private rooftop.

While the dance floor will be hopping, the pool, bar and lounge seating will be calm and serene. 

Friday in Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

We did it! We made it to Friday! Ok, we need to pace ourselves as we ramp up the weekend!

Friday Morning:

Fridays are for favorites. Repeat your favorite morning activity this week. Sunrise at the beach, yoga on the rooftop, Cacoa Cafe, Chez Celine- you’ve had an amazing week! Let go for best morning ever 2.0!

Friday Lunch:

For lunch, we’re going to grab pizza. Sabrina Pizzeria on Av. Constitiyentes has 50% pizzas every Friday! Its on all and every pizza! The secret is getting out fast, so let’s order early and eat it for a great lunch before the Friday night rush hits. 

They have great flavors and can customize your pizza and yes- they are all 50% off!

No coupon code or anything special is needed to get this great deal. The wait times get longer as the day goes on, so get in there early!

On the way to picking up your pizza, drop of your laundry. Clean undies is as important as having fun. 😉

Ok, we ate pizza laundry and the is dropped off, let’s hit a few keys on the keyboard this afternoon… 

Friday Afterwork:

We finished with work? Hallelujah! Let’s head to Cerveceria Chapultepec to celebrate. 

There are two Cerveceria Chapultepecs off 5th Avenue and what makes these places so popular are the 20 peso beers and drinks. And to confirm your conversion rate, yes, that’s $1 beers. 

They also offer hard liquor for around 35 pesos ($1.50+). Prices go up from there, so decent liquor is around $3/ drink. By far the cheapest alcohol prices on this side of town! 

And you deserve it! You just dominated this work week!

Chill inside or on the patio, or heck, bar hop to the other Cerverceria Chepultepec one block over!

After taking in some well deserved drinks, let’s go get a great meal!

Friday Night Dinner:

If you’re into Sushi, there is an amazing Sushi place called SushiClub on 10 Avendia and Calle 26. Playa del Carmen is what converted me to enjoying seafood again and this place was part of the conversion- Wow!

From good quality, ambiance, and service- this place is top! 

If Sushi isn’t your thing, head back to Calle 38 to try explore the amazingness you didn’t get to on Tuesday.

Calle 38 has live music, elite cocktails, and natural ambiance you’ll be craving after a big work week. 

Friday Night Late Night:

Dancing, or fun live music- you’ve got great choices tonight!

With a warm belly of drinks and great food head to Clandestino. A rooftop dance club that is the best in town. Entrance is on 5th avenue just around form Cerveceria Chepultepec. 

Clandestino is an open air dance spot has the lasers and TVs around the DJ, a bar with views of the skyline and bottle service if you’re up for it. 

Depending on the popularity, the club starts charging cover around 9:45/10p and if its busy, girls will have a cover too. If you have a large group, bottle service may be a great deal (it’s not Vegas prices). 

Dance the night away to latin, reggaeton, and dance music… 

Option 2: If you’re looking for fun live music instead of a club environment, head to Karen’s.

Karens is a fun Mexican bar restaurant with the almost endless list of crazy cocktails. The best part of this place is actually the live band!

The band here are always fun, upbeat and add a unique twist to latin and American classics that is a can’t miss!

I heard their set a loads of times and can’t figure out how they always make it fun. You can’t have a bad time here.

Karen’s is on 5the Avenue just off from Calle 2.

Saturday in Playa del Carmen

Today is about crossing your must-do thing off the list. Is it visit Tulum? Check out the ruins at Chichen Itza?  Swim in a cenote? 

Playa del Carmen is a gateway to amazing sites and today you’re going to check that amazing thing off your list. I wouldn’t let you miss out on your fave Mexican adventure!

It wouldn’t be an amazing week without it, right? I you’re unsure what amazing thing to do, here’s a list of the top day trips form Playa del Carmen. 

Check out top Day Trips from Playa del Carmen

If you can’t decide, head to the beach! Playa del Carmen is named for its beach after all!

North of Parque Los Fundadores is the busier, tourists beach. This side of the beach has all the beach clubs, restaurants, and shops. It starts at Av. Benito Juares and goes till around Avendia 40. 

If you cross the beach south at Parque Fundadores, you will get to the quieter part of the beach. This side of the beach has residences, so you wont’t find bars, restaurants, or even restrooms. But that’s also why it’s quieter and calmer. 

To get there, at Parque Fundadores, walk through the ferry building (there’s a Senior Frogs inside) and walk to the other side. The further you walk, the calmer and less crowded it will get. 

Sunday Funday in Playa del Carmen

Sunday Funday is about starting our with adventure and working our way back into calm and awesome appreciation for a great weekend. 

We’re going to start the morning with an amazing experience of snorkeling in some of the best waters in the world. It’s a hidden secret that the waters off Cozumel island are some of the best snorkeling and living waters in the world. 

Cozumel has crystal blue waters, and a variety of oceanic settings which means varying sea life and visuals to explore. I had never experienced anything like the variety there is here. 

There are three different coastal areas around Cozumel- one with amazing reefs, another shallow area with white sands that numerous starfish call home, and have you ever had a sting ray brush your feet? 

You will experience it all today! And that’s just your morning…

Snorkeling at Cozumel is something you can reserve ahead of time with 10a departures form Cozumel Island, or you can take a risk and negotiate a boat yourself around 9:30a. 

Note: Those 10a departures are from Cozumel, not Playa del Carmen.

You’ll need to grab the ferry at Parque Fundadores 1 hour ahead of time to get there on time. Ferry price is not included in the adventure price but are only around $12 USD each way.

Once you’ve experienced a series of truly amazing moments in the water, around 2p, you’ll get dropped off at the dock at Cozumel. That’s the boat dock, not the ferry location. 

And this works great for you! If you ask, your driver will take you south on the island, about 5 minutes to Money Bar Beach. 

Money Bar has the best sunset view on the island. Ask anyone! And Money Bar is calm, quiet and they have great food and drinks at reasonable prices. On Sunday evenings, around 5p, there is 50% off all drinks- yes, all. Even top shelf! 

That’s great food, amazing drinks prices and the best sunset view in the area to wind your Sunday funday down with. 

All week you haven’t seen the sunset because Playa del Carmen faces east, not west. It’s about time you saw a Mexican sunset! 

A live band will come out and play the daylight away and professional dancers will rile up, the crowd to join the dance floor. It’s a great evening that can be at whatever pace you want it to be. 

Nap on the beach- yep. Drink 2 for 1 drinks- yep. Have a romantic sunset- yep! All are possible here and that’s what makes it great. 

As your weekend fades with the sunlight, catch the 7p or 9p Ferry back to Playa Del Carmen. You’ll return home around 8 or 9:30p. 

Fall asleep with a smile on your face, as you reminisce how you just completed the perfect digital nomad week in Playa del Carmen!