Paraty for Digital Nomads

Paraty, Brazil is a tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters, lush jungles of flowing waterfalls and picturesque beaches. From taking a sultry jungle boat ride along the riverbanks, to snorkeling in pristine coves filled with vibrant marine life, Paraty offers an unrivalled digital nomading experience. The city itself has plenty of thigns to do after work including nightly live music, breathtaking harbor views and delicious cuisine – that makes it difficult to ever leave. With its laidback vibe and delightful locals, Paraty really does feel like a slice of heaven on Earth – a place where you can fully relax, unwind and marvel at the wonders of nature all around you without risking a productive workday.

Paraty Guides

Top Things to Do in Paraty

Make the most your stay in Paraty and leave no bucket list item behind with this list of the top things to do.

Best Weekend Activities

Maximize your weekends with adventure and day trips to the most wondrous and exciting areas around Paraty.

Things To Do After Work

Want to fill your work nights with interesting sites, sounds, and flavors? This guide will breakdown all the top things to do Monday – Friday.

Cafes + Coworking Spots

Add spice and variety to your workweek by checking out these great cafes and coworking spots around Paraty.