Three Ways to Enjoy Outsite Coliving

Outsite coliving was created to give remote workers the opportunity to build their best lives in amazing places across the globe.

Myself, and members of my coliving tribe, have stayed with Outsite during our travels and can speak to what makes Outsite unique in the world of coliving and remote working choices.

Outsite has been around since 2015 and offers Outsite guests three amazing ways to build amazingness abroad.

Three ways to get out and explore the world while balancing work success is not something many coliving programs offer.

In fact, I’m only aware of one other coliving program that can compete with the number of locations and variety of Outsite. It’s that rare!

So what are these amazing ways to explore Outsite? Let’s check it out. . .

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Outsite Bali
Outsite Bali

Outsite Locations

Outsite has full time locations across the globe where members can stay for as little as two night or for as long as they want. Making Outsite’s full time locations a true home away from home.

These full time locations are wondered and/ or managed by Outsite year round, so you can plan your stay and stop by at any time during the year.

Each location is a coliving space offering a mix of home and coworking. You’ll have your room, bathroom, and linens included, but also have access to shared amenities like great kitchens, living room and onsite laundry.

Most locations have outdoor space like a yard, pool to rooftop too! It really is home away from home.

While there are a few coliving programs with full time locations, a small few offer locations across the globe.

Outsite has full time locations in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia. A broader offering than almost any other coliving programs out there.

For the programs that offer global full time locations, Outsite is the only coliving program that offers each location in a home setting as opposed to hotel + coworking environment.

Which makes Outsite’s full time home locations around the globe an excellent way to live your best life abroad.

Check out Outsite’s global locations here.

Tulum, Mexico
Retreats in Tulum, Mexico


Take your location variety up a notch and turn your stay into an experience with Outsite retreats.

Outsite retreats add fun, flare and style to your stay at a higher level than other coliving programs. The Culinary Emerson in France Retreat, for example, includes dinner at a Michelin star restaurant and a private cooking class with a French chef in addition to your room and work amenities.

There’s also a tennis court with equipment, bikes, yoga mats and heated pool.

Unlike other coliving retreats, Outsite offers their retreat itineraries a few times a year, so you don’t have to worry if you can make a certain date. You’ll likely find a date you can join in on soon!

Retreats are also one a week long so you don’t have to commit 3-4 weeks like other coliving program retreats. Which means more flexibility on your schedule.

And because the retreats are often at or near a full-time Outsite location, you can extend your stay before or after on your schedule instead of feeling homeless the moment the retreat is over.

Outsite retreats really are a great way to turn a coliving stay into an immersive experience without messing up your routine or schedule.

You can check out the upcoming Outsite retreats here.

Outsite Cafe Portugal
Outsite Cafe Portugal

Outsite Cafes

Imagine the best of a comfortable cafe with the intimacy and reliability of a coworking space… You’ve just imaged the Outsite Cafe!

Outsite Cafes first opened in 2019 and the flagship location is the Lisbon, Cais do Sodre cafe.

Each cafe location is an open cafe vibe, that offers sustainable coffee, fresh bites, and even a cocktail to two to get you through and celebrating your work day.

Unlike everyday cafes, Outsite Cafes have intimacy being a paid amenity. Access is available on a day pass, weekly pass or discounted monthly pass.

If you’re looking for a great rate and flexibility, they offer a flex pass for 10 days that can be used at any time in the year.

Outsite Cafes are available for private meetings and events, and have everything you may need for a successful event onsite like projectors and TVs you can rent. Some even have onsite catering!

Outsite cafes are a great way to get out and explore the world without the full commitment of an Outsite coliving stay or membership.

Outsite Bali
Outsite Bali

Ready To Explore Outsite?

Outsite is one of the few coliving programs that offer three amazing ways to enjoy working remotely. From a coliving home experience, to cafes and retreats, you cannot go wrong exploring with Outsite.

You can learn more about Outsite here or check out our other articles on Outsite on our Outsite page.