Oaxaca for Digital Nomads

Oaxaca, Mexico is a wondrous place that offers a unique blend of cultural diversity and authentic Mexican charm certain to enchant any digital nomad. From the colorful street markets to the traditional Oaxacan cuisine, digital nomads can truly immerse themselves in the vibrant local atmosphere. Beyond its captivating beauty, the city’s music and art scenes are also flourishing; hosting some of the most eclectic events and festivals throughout the year. With friendly locals who will welcome you with open arms, this intriguing destination is sure to leave a lasting impression on any traveler lucky enough to experience its magic.

Oaxaca Guides

Top Things to Do in Oaxaca

Make the most your stay in Oaxaca and leave no bucket list item behind with this list of the top things to do.

Best Weekend Activities

Maximize your weekends with adventure and day trips to the most wondrous and exciting areas around Oaxaca.

Things To Do After Work

Want to fill your work nights with interesting sites, sounds, and flavors? This guide will breakdown all the top things to do Monday – Friday.

Cafes + Coworking Spots

Add spice and variety to your workweek by checking out these great cafes and coworking spots around Oaxaca.