#Alannaps Paris

Ah, Paris. The city of lights, love, and #alannaps. In our recent trip to Paris for Acacia’s birthday, Alan found a great way to avoid jet lag- sleep any time you feel tired!

Apparently, Alan felt that napping urge in the mourning chapel at Marie Antoinette’s former cell at La Conciergerie

Alan Sleeping Paris
Alan Sleeping Paris

He also avoided jet lag on the Seine River boat tour. The mastery it takes to defy gravity like that. Impressive.

Alan Naps River Cruise
Alan Naps River Cruise

Finally, Alan napped to avoid my silent screams as I streamed the Packers vs Atlanta NFC Conference Championships game in the United Club in Dulles Airport… Which was quickly followed up by another #Alannaps on the plane.

For full disclosure, both Alan and I took a nap in the Louvre on Day 2 of the trip. Pass museum security. Use restroom. Nap in first room you get to. Simple. 

My reason: I was running a fever and had to climb a flight of stairs. Alan’s reason: any time is nap time.

P.S. you really get a different view of the craftsmanship of the sculptures when you lie down on a bench and see them from the underside.

No pic cause ya know, sleep.

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